• How to name a post?

    Yana Lisitsina
    Yana Lisitsina
    March 17, 2015
    How to name a post?

    Often, a specialist is assigned an extensive list of duties that is extremely difficult to fit into the existing framework for the classification of occupations. As a result, the administration has to actually invent a new position for a specific employee.

    Talk about how to do it right.

    Basic principles


    Immediately, we note that there is a Unified Qualification Reference Book of Employees (EKSD). All available names are divided into sections depending on the field of activity of the company, the direction of the employee. You need to open the corresponding section of the document and try to find a position that would at least approximately correspond to the employee’s task list. It will be easier.

    Respecting the interests of the employee

    With particular attention it is necessary to approach the issue of job designation in the event of hazardous production, since in the future this will allow a person to either receive some benefits or retire early.If, in fact, the employee will work in hazardous production, and in the workbook this moment will not be reflected, then after that it will be much more difficult to prove his right to employee privileges.

    Creating a new department

    A very common situation is when a person performs a whole range of assorted administrative, organizational, and so on. functions, and therefore it is difficult to determine the whole range of his duties with any one post.

    Moreover, the situation may arise both in the higher and in the lower administrative / managerial composition of the company. For example, it may be a specialist working with company branches, suppliers and customers; There may be an employee who performs the functions of a secretary, and the functions of a manager, and the functions of a PR agent.

    Then it makes sense to create a separate unit in which it would be possible to include this employee (he can be made head of the department) and people performing related functions.

    Words used in job title

    To name a post, use the following terms:

    • Manager and further name of the direction. For example: project manager, personnel manager.
    • Specialist.An even more “omnivorous” term. It is possible to use both more general concepts (for example, a sales department specialist) and narrower ones (for example, a specialist in regional sales).
    • Head / Director / Coordinator, etc. Emphasizes the status of the employee, the level of his responsibility and professionalism, a wide range of management responsibilities.
    • Senior / Leading / Principal / Junior. Allows you to show the position of the employee on the hierarchical ladder, introduces differences between posts of the same name, for example, “chief accountant” and simply “accountant”.
    • Assistant / Assistant. It can be practically in every middle-level official, for example, in a newspaper editor.

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