• How to name a rabbit?

    Olga Izvekova
    Olga Izvekova
    March 7, 2013
    How to name a rabbit?

    Decorative dwarf rabbit is a cute touching creature that can live in a free range in an apartment, use a tray with a filler and bring a lot of joy to the whole family. In addition, rabbit fur, as a rule, does not cause allergies. If you have an eared pet, a problem arises, what can be called a rabbit. You can search for a nickname on the Internet. For example, in the midst of hundreds of options for nicknames, you will surely find one that you like and suits your little animal. But you can go the other way - pick a nickname yourself.

    1. It is desirable that the nickname be short - consisted of 4-5 type letters. If the nickname is long, it should have a beautiful abbreviation, since the animal is much easier to remember.
    2. The rabbit can be given a short human name - the girl Masha, Lida, Dasha, Glasha, choosing what to call the rabbit boy, you can opt for the names - Sasha, Anton, Senya, Fedor.
    3. You can opt for a short foreign name.When deciding how to call a rabbit a girl, you can dwell on the names Doris, Jesse, Annie, Katty, Patty, and the boy Dickie, Eddie, Tommy.
    4. Choosing a nickname, one can proceed from the individual external features of the pet - for example, a snow-white girl can be called Snezhana, Snowball, Blonde (Blond), boy Snowball, Snow, White Dog or Blond, or Blond. The fluffy rabbit is the nickname Fluff (Fluff), Fluffy, abbreviated Push. A rabbit with a thick short fur will suit the name Bump. Light red can be called Peach, bright red can be called Ryzhuly or Ryzhik, black Chernysh or Chernushka. For a miniature girl, the name Knop will suit, and the boy the Dwarf, and for a well-fed rabbit the nickname Donut or Patty would be appropriate, for the girl Bun.
    5. Deciding what to call a rabbit can be based on its character. For example, you can call the quiet and humble - Tikhon or Tisha, and those who love to sleep - Sonya or Splushka.
    6. Do not give a rabbit a dog's nicknames (Polkan, Sharik) or typical cat's nicknames (Murzik or Musya). As a name for the rabbit, they sound ridiculous.
    7. If you hesitate between several names, suggest that the pet choose its own nickname.To do this, at short intervals clearly call him the options nicknames. On what nickname the pet will react, that will be the one that he liked the most.

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