• How to normalize blood sugar

    Eat foods that take longer to digest. Do not abuse white bread, potatoes, rice porridge and other quickly digested foods.
    Eat whole-grain products three times a day. They contain a lot of fiber, which helps reduce the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.
    Eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible, add them to foods rich in carbohydrates in order to balance the diet, and accordingly, normalize the levelSaharaatof blood.
    If possible, replace saturated fats (mostly fats of animal origin) with unsaturated (vegetable) fats.
    Eat small meals, especially if you are prone to diabetes. Combine dietary restrictions with physical exertion, which not only helps to reduce weight, but also reducesSahara.
    Eat foods that have a sour taste. They will help to prevent a sharp change in the level.Saharaatof bloodimmediately after eating. Effective normalization methodSaharais vinegar added to food.
    If you already belong to the number of people with diabetes, follow the diet recommended by your doctor.

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