• How to open the archive?

    Large files are very convenient to store and transfer to the archive, due to which their volume is reduced. Therefore, files with the format "rar" or "zip" have to work constantly. But it is suitable only for storage. To complete the work with the file you need to figure out how to open the archive.

    For this purpose, you need a program that opens the archive. There are several of them, but two are the most popular:

    • Winrar;
    • 7-zip.


    Not least the popularity of this application due to its free use. And although there is a licensed version of the archiver, very few people acquire it. After all, unlicensed can open a rar-archive and other similar formats are not worse than the paid counterpart. With its help, you can archive any file. First you need to install the program (you can download the latest version of the program on the site). To do this, download it and click "Install". All you need to do next is to accept the terms of the agreement and specify the installation folder.

    Suppose you need to open a rar-archive (it is found as often as zip).Right-click on it and select one of the options marked with an icon with a stack of books. It may be:

    • "Extract files", then you will need to specify the unpacking path;
    • “Extract files to the current folder” - all data will be unzipped and placed in the current folder;
    • “Extract to * the name of the archive *” - the program will automatically generate a folder with the name of the archive in the current one and place all the files from the archive there.

    The second option of how to open a rar or any other archive is to double-click on the file with the left mouse button. The archiver opens the contents of the archive in a separate window, and you can open it in any of the files in the usual way.

    If you need to learn how to open the RAR format, read about it in the article How to open RAR.


    This program is also free. Like the previous one, it is able to open the archive rar, zip, 7z and others. Using it is as easy as the previous one. First you need to download the installation file from the site. Open it and, following the prompts, install the program.

    7-zip is also automatically integrated into the operating system. Because of this, when it becomes necessary to unzip or archive a file, the computer immediately offers you this program.

    Right-click on the archive and find the 7-zip menu.Place the cursor on this line and select one of three options:

    • "Unpack";
    • "Unpack here";
    • "Unpack in * archive name *". These are, in fact, the same functions as the previous archiver, but with new names.

    More options to open zip can be found in the How to open zip article.

    How to open password-protected archive

    In order to protect information from unauthorized persons, some archives are supplied with a password. To open files of this type, you need to know the password. The sequence of unpacking files will be standard, but at a certain stage the program will ask for a password. Enter it and the archive will open.

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