• How to transfer pdf to word and back?

    Documents in pdf format were previously intended only for viewing and publication. At that time it was not possible to edit these files. But over time, the documents in pdf spread on the Internet with great speed, and it became necessary to make adjustments in this area. Edit and convert pdf now possible!

    Having received a book, article or any text in electronic form, you may find out that this is a pdf file. Of course, it is possible to read the text in this format. But if you need to translate pdf to word (more precisely, a file with the extension .pdf translate to .doc), consider that this is not a problem!

    How to translate pdf format to word

    There are many ways to do this, we will talk about the most simple in our opinion. If you do not have a specific program on your computer to translate pdf text into word, and you are not going to install it, then just copy the text from the pdf document to Microsoft Word. This method is good when you do not need to convert the entire document, but only part of it should be translated. How to do it?

    1. First you need to open the text in pdf. If it does not open, then you do not have a special program on your computer.You can install it, it will be useful in the future. We recommend the free Foxit Reader program, it has the same interface as the famous Adobe Reader, but it works much faster and does not contain unnecessary options. So, the file is open ...
    2. Now we go into the tools (tools) and select select text.
    3. Select the required text.
    4. Click on it with the right mouse button and copy, choosing copy.
    5. Open a new word document and paste the text here (edit - paste).

    In some cases, a person may encounter such a tricky pdf file, where the text can be selected but cannot be copied, that is, the "copy" option is not available. In this case, we will translate pdf to word by the Adobe Acrobat Reader program for editing PDF files. This method will make it easier and faster to translate a whole book and another large document. The first thing you need to do to translate pdf to word is to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    1. Open the pdf file in Adobe Reader.
    2. Go to the edit menu (edit) and select "copy file to clipboard".
    3. Create a new word document and paste the copied text into it (ctrl + V).

    In addition to the program and the usual copying, a person may need to translate pdf to word online. And there are a lot of similar converters on the Internet. Let us dwell on the "Nitro PDF converter" in more detail and see how to work with it:

    1. Go to this site ().
    2. Select the button in the top menu of the site "online".
    3. In step 1 (step 1) with the help of the review we find on our computer the necessary document in pdf format.
    4. In step 2 (step 2), enter the email address and click on "convert", what does it mean to convert.
    5. Go to your e-mail and wait for the message with the already prepared file in word format.

    How to word translate in pdf

    To translate the word file to pdf, we will use the OpenOffice Writer program, in which we will be able to export text to pdf. OpenOffice Writer as well as Microsoft Word is needed to manipulate text documents. Follow the instructions and easily convert the word document to pdf ...

    1. Copy the necessary text from the word document (select, edit - copy). Paste it into a new OpenOffice Writer document (edit - paste).
    2. In the OpenOffice Writer interface, we find the option we need: click the "file" menu, and then select "export to PDF".
    3. You will see a window with parameters for the future pdf file In the "General" tab, you can select the text conversion area, image parameters and other features. Do not change everything else.
    4. After you click "export" at the bottom of the window, you will need to write only the file name, because the format (pdf) will be set automatically. Done - word translated into pdf.

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