• How to perfectly clean a glass ceramic hob

    Where does the kitchen start? Surely from the stove. Well, also a refrigerator. But that's another story. Any hostess will confirm that the result of culinary experiments largely depends on the plate. But I just want to eat everything, but after washing the dishes and the stove itself seems not so exciting. Moreover, some stains are difficult to remove. Therefore, craftsmen do not get tired of inventing original and, most importantly, effective solutions to this problem. And today we found a really curious - how easy to clean the hob from glass ceramics.

    Cooking surfaces are becoming increasingly popular in the modern kitchen. After all, not everyone loves to bake cookies with pies or abuse lasagna at your leisure. Or, on the contrary, they prefer more professional ovens. But the compact stove allows great save space.And the glossy glass surface looks very stylish. That's just this beauty is easy to spoil the stains, inevitable in the cooking process. And to bring them out oh, how not easy. If your beautiful glass plate has been decorated with unflattering divorces for several weeks, bloggers offer an original solution. It looks weird, but it works!

    To effectively clean the electric hob, you will need:

    1. Raw potatoes;

    2. Vinegar;

    3. Coca-Cola;

    4. Paper towels.

    Step 1

    From the potatoes, cut off the top and actively, in a circular motion, wipe the stain. Keep the potatoes moist during the process (giving out juice). To do this, constantly cut off on a small fragment.

    Step 2

    Add vinegar (splash directly onto the stain) and leave for 5 minutes. After wiping dry with a paper towel.

    Step 3

    Open the cola and splash the spots and stains into place. Leave for 15 minutes.

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