• How to perform anti-cellulite massage

    Many women have a problem - cellulite. The skin becomes uneven and anti-cellulite massage can cope with this. Perform such a procedure can every girl. Monthly course will help to cope with the problem.

    Circulatory disorders, poor lifestyle, nutrition and accumulation of water in fat cells are all causes of cellulite.

    Massage against cellulite will bring results if you use a special cream or gel. The composition of the cream must necessarily include algae, caffeine, and vitamin A.

    Performing a massage from cellulite is necessary to use tips. Before you do the procedure you need to warm up your hands. Movement must be performed smoothly, at a slow pace, starting from the bottom. Massage for skin and heart diseases is prohibited.

    The method of performing massage against cellulite:

    1. Apply the appropriate cream to the skin. Fingertips to go through the problem areas.This is done to improve blood circulation.
    2. Then perform the rubbing, which drives away the fat and removes excess fluid.
    3. After warming up the skin should begin to knead. It is necessary to delay, and then knead the skin. It is necessary to soften the skin.
    4. Then you need to go to clapping movements with your fist.
    5. Effective type of massage are captures. Perform within 10 minutes. With the help of grips improves the activity of blood vessels, the skin becomes elastic.

    After a shower, it is useful to perform anti-cellulite massage with a simple washcloth. It is necessary to apply a scrub on it and for 10 minutes to intensively massage problem areas.

    An excellent tool for anti-cellulite massage are vacuum jars. To perform it you need to squeeze the jar and attach it to the skin. Then make circular movements until the jar is detached from the skin. To enhance the slip is better to use orange essential oil. Regular massage improves blood circulation and speeds up the breakdown of fat. This method of massage is considered more effective.

    In order for cellulite to no longer appear, you need to monitor your diet.It is necessary to minimize the use of sweet pastries, confectionery and fried foods. It also refers to the salt that retains fluid in the body. It is better to add more fiber to the diet. For this you need to eat vegetables and fruits. Drink better water and green tea.

    Proper nutrition contributes to lipid metabolism in the cells of the epidermis, and with due to anti-cellulite massage, this process will accelerate.

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