• How to pickle ceps for the winter - photo marinated recipes

    How to pickle ceps for the winter - photo marinated recipes

    How to pickle ceps for the winter - photo marinated recipes

    White mushroom (boletus) is a real king of mushrooms, it is not only pleasant to collect it, but also easy to recycle. Featuring special taste and nutritional qualities, the white mushroom is good in soups, stewed and fried, like a filling for pies.


    Popular ways to save it for the winter - drying, freezing, marinating. Marinated white mushrooms, seasoned with vegetable oil, flavored with onion or garlic, are served on the table as a separate snack dish or used in salads.


    Marinating mushrooms is a treatment with a solution of acetic acid (citric acid can be used) with the addition of various spices.


    Tips: how to pickle boletus correctly


    1. Marinated mushrooms are suitable, not affected by wormholes, strong and even. It is advisable to select mushrooms of the same size,so they look prettier and marinate evenly.


    2. Small fungi can be marinated whole, and in large mushrooms only hats are used. The legs are cut at a distance of half a centimeter from the cap, large hats are cut into equal pieces.


    3. In case of large old fungi, it is possible to remove the sporiferous layer (“sponge”) from the inside of the cap.


    4. Marinade for mushrooms is taken on the basis of 500 ml of boiled mushrooms - 600 ml of marinade.


    5. There is another way of calculating the marinade based on the number of mushrooms: a liter jar of mushrooms needs 200 ml. marinade.


    6. Boiled mushrooms make up one third of the raw volume.


    7. If not only caps, but also legs are marinated, the boiling time of mushrooms increases by 5 minutes.


    Marinating white mushrooms occurs in several stages:


    1. Preparation of mushrooms: sort the mushrooms, clean them from debris with a brush or soft cloth, cut the damaged parts, rinse, if necessary, cut into pieces. Boil it.


    2. Preparation of cans: wash them with soda, especially carefully having processed the convexity of the pattern, if such there is also a neck. Sterilize the jars and lids for 5 minutes.


    3. Preparing the marinade.


    4. Filling cans with mushrooms, pouring marinade.




    How to pickle ceps for the winter - photo marinated recipes


    Marinated porcini mushrooms: recipe


    To prepare 1 liter marinade take:

    • 2 tablespoons of salt
    • bay leaves 3 pcs.
    • sweet pepper 6 peas
    • 1 tablespoon sugar
    • carnation, cinnamon
    • 1 teaspoon 70% vinegar


    Put spices, salt and sugar in boiling water (you can use a bag of gauze), cook for 10-15 minutes. Add vinegar to the brine.
    Prepared mushrooms pour cold water so that it is on a finger above the mushrooms, put on fire. Reduce heat and remove foam after boiling.
    To preserve the beautiful natural color of mushrooms, add a pinch of citric acid to the pan. Mushrooms are cooked for at least 15-20 minutes, when most of the mushrooms fall to the bottom of the pan, they are ready.


    Cooked mushrooms are placed with noise in sterilized jars. Spices from marinade can be evenly distributed among cans, laying them on the bottom. Banks are poured hot marinade to the top of the neck.


    If ready mushrooms are to be stored for less than six months, the cans are rolled up with sterilized lids, turned over and placed in a warm place until completely cooled.To preserve heat banks additionally warmed with a blanket.


    If ready-made mushrooms are stored for more than six months, a little more vinegar should be taken. Before rolling into each jar you need to pour a little unrefined oil. Banks are covered with lids and placed in hot water so that only the necks are left above the surface. Bring them to a boil and boil for half an hour, then roll up and also turn over and insulate to cool. Such mushrooms can be eaten in half a month.

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