• They say that playing billiards is almost as difficult as playing the piano. This statement can be considered true only on the one hand. Beautiful and effective to play billiards - this skill requires serious development, perseverance and patience. It is these qualities that a person will need to also master the game on the piano. Today we will talk with you, dear reader, about billiards and what rules govern this game. So:

    How to play billiards?

    We will talk about the two most common types of billiards in Russia. We will touch the Russian billiards and tell you how to play billiards, "eight" or "pool." Let's start with the main for all types of billiards. The player’s billiard equipment includes such attributes as a billiard cue, crayon for him, a table of a format (depending on the game), and a set of balls corresponding to a table.

    The most general rules of the game, or rather, the principle of the game, is that the player, using the cue, hits one ball, trying to hit the other ball so that the latter is in the pool billiard loop.Further, the basic principles of billiards end and begin various variations of the rules, of which, by the way, very much.

    We will help you learn how to play billiards. Russian billiards differs from all other billiards of the world in its size and level of difficulty of playing it. The fact is that the size of the balls and the size of the holes in Russian billiards differs by only a few millimeters. Accordingly, to get the ball in the pocket, it is necessary to achieve maximum accuracy and, importantly, a certain force of impact. Let's talk about the rules of this great game. The most common version of the game in Russian billiards is as follows. How to play Russian billiards:

    • Before the start of the game, a pyramid of white balls is built with a triangle. The top of the pyramid, that is, the topmost ball, must be on a specially marked point. The cue ball (red ball) is placed on a dot on the other half of the table. The choice of half the table from which the game starts can be done at will or determined by the bolker line marked on the table (a horizontal line on one of the table halves).
    • The first player, who is determined voluntarily, gets the right to strike at the pyramid. The blows are carried out in turn.It is important to note that the rules of the game of Russian billiards allow the use of any ball as a cue ball. That is, the player who is at the table can choose any white (and red too) ball to develop his position. That is the way to properly play billiards.
    • The following strikes are provided in Russian billiards: “aliens” and “in-laws”. “Alien” - is a blow that is jammed on another ball that falls or does not fall into the pocket. Inheritance is a blow that is performed in a certain way. The cue ball is sent to another ball, and with its help he hits the pocket. This blow is very common in Russian billiards.

    Let's move on to the "eight". Unlike Russian billiards, Pool is a game that is easier and more fun. The table for the game of "eight" is much smaller than for playing Russian billiards. The pockets are so large that two billiard balls, which were fired simultaneously, fit in at once. A little bit about the rules:

    • The pyramid of colored balls is placed on a point on the half of the table where there is no bolker line. The cue ball (white ball) is placed on a point on the bolkernaya line.
    • The right of the first strike is determined voluntarily. There is only one cue at the disposal of the player - this is a white ball.It is he who performs all the strikes. The first player breaks the pyramid.
    • Next comes the struggle for determining the type of balls that players must score. The first player to score a hollow or striped ball, then it is this type of ball that plays (either hollow or striped).
    • It is important to remember that the black ball is the last thing to play. With his early hit in the hole, the player who performed the blow, is assigned a defeat. Before you score black, players must place all the balls of their type in the pockets. If a player coped with his task before the opponent, then he should not wait until he scores all his remaining balls. The player who scored all his balls and the black ball comes out the winner from the match.

    A few words about the rack and technique of impact in any kind of billiards. The cue is taken by the hand that is leading the person. Suppose you are right handed. Take the cue with your right hand for its thick end. The left hand is placed on the table in front of the ball about thirty centimeters before it. All four fingers of the left hand should be on the table, and the first finger, which is closely adjacent to the second, creates a kind of gutter, along which the cue will move.Aim precisely in the middle of the ball to pick up the desired angle of attack. The body of a billiard player should be bent as much as possible. It is necessary to press the chest to the cue during the execution of the blow. This stand allows you to better view the position of the balls and choose the correct angle of attack of the cue ball. The right hand should be relaxed. In order to better understand the technique of how to play billiards there is a video.

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