• How to play checkers?

    Checkers is a fairly simple game for two in the rules (in Russian checkers). At the same time, as in chess, logical thinking is actively involved in it. Let's figure out how to play checkers.

    How to learn to play checkers?

    Beginning of the game

    To play checkers, you need a standard 8-by-8 chessboard. You need to unfold the board so that the player plays white, in the lower left corner there is a black square. During the game only 32 black cells (fields) are involved. Consequently, the checkers are placed only on them. At the initial position, the checkers occupy 3 horizontals in black fields only.

    Simple checkers

    Checkers are divided into two categories: simple and ladies. The lady has great potential, it is designated as an inverted checker or 2 checkers on top of each other. At the beginning of the game all the checkers are simple. Simple walk in two ways: "Silent move" and "battle." "Silent move" means a simple advance on one adjacent empty cell diagonally. �Fight� is the designation of an attacking action, in which you �eat up� an opponent�s piece (it doesn't matter: simple or female). You can "beat back."The condition for such a move is finding the opponent's checkers on the next diagonal cell, as well as an empty neighboring cell along the same diagonal. If, after making a move, your checker has the opportunity to eat another opponent's checker, then you should �beat� the second checker and so on until the possibility of attack ends. You can even beat the checker, which is not on the same diagonal on which you made the first move, i.e. in any direction. The main thing is to follow the rules described above. �Broken� checkers and ladies of the opponent are removed from the board.

    How does the lady go?

    Reach the level of the woman can reach the last field of the enemy. There are 2 types of queen moves. The first type is a �quiet run�. This movement in any direction diagonally on any number of fields. The second type of move is �battle�. A lady can jump over a simple checker or an opponent's ladies. They can be in any direction from the battering lady diagonally. In this case, the rule should be observed that the attacked opponent�s sword should remain empty. In case there are several fields after the attacked enemy checkers, then the battering lady can occupy any of them.Fight, as in the attack of simple checkers, continues as long as it is possible to �beat� the opponent�s checkers. If from the free field you can continue the fight either in the same direction or perpendicular to it, then you need to continue to attack in any direction to choose from until the opportunity for an attack stops.

    Goal of the game

    How to play checkers? If the configuration of the game is such that you can make several variants of "quiet" moves, but there is no possibility of a "fight", then you choose any direction of the "quiet move". If the situation is such that it is necessary to "beat" the enemy and at the same time there are "quiet moves", then it is necessary to choose the first course of action (this is the rule). If it was ignored, then it is necessary to �go over�, if possible, with the same checker. The goal of the game is to "beat" all the opponent's checkers. Also, the opponent's checkers can be "locked". This means that they are not beaten, but they cannot make a move (an analogue of the stalemate in chess). There is a draw in checkers. The restriction in the game is the following rule: "the opponent's checker beats only once," - it is important to take this into account in long combinations.

    There is a game like Chinese Checkers.Let's tell how to play Chinese checkers correctly. "Board" is a six-pointed star, on the tops of which is located from 6 to 10 chips. The game is designed for 2-6 people. The goal of the game is also to move its chips to the opposite end of the star. The participant begins the move with the brightest chips, then move clockwise. In one move, one chip moves in any direction. You can jump over other people's chips, if they have free space. And if there is another chip behind this free space not in a straight line relative to the previous move, then jump over it in the same turn. The winner is the one who first reaches the opposite end of the star. Further the second is distributed, etc. places.

    Have a great time!

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