• How to play the gamepad?

    Many gamers think that the gamepad is a gaming device designed exclusively for game consoles. This view is inherent to players who are just used to using the keyboard and mouse. Although there are games that are much more convenient and enjoyable to play using a gamepad. But before plunging into an exciting game, let's find out how to properly connect the gamepad to a computer.

    How to connect a gamepad to a computer?

    Most often, PC users choose a gamepad for the Xbox 360 game console, as it is compatible with Windows operating systems. These gamepads are available in two versions - wired and wireless. You can learn how to connect a gamepad to the game console in the article How to connect a gamepad to the Xbox 360. The installation and configuration process for the Xbox 360 gamepad is very simple and does not take much time.

    Installing a wired gamepad

    Included with the gamepad is the installation CD with drivers for this device. Insert it into the CD or DVD drive of your computer and install the software that is on the disc.The software can also be downloaded from the official Microsoft website. Sometimes after installation, a computer restart is required.

    When the driver installation is complete, connect the gamepad to the PC. After that, you need to check the gamepad.

    1. Click "Start" and in the menu that opens, select "Run."
    2. Type: "joy.cpl" and press ENTER.
    3. In the window that opens, select the Xbox 360 gamepad and click on the "Properties" button.
    4. In the menu that opens, you can check the performance of the installed gamepad.

    Installing a wireless gamepad

    Installing a wireless gamepad also does not take much time and the process is almost similar to the previous one.

    1. First, connect a wireless receiver for a gamepad to the USB 2.0 port of your PC.
    2. The system will inform you about the automatic installation of the device software.
    3. Next, install the software from the disk that comes with the gamepad.
    4. To connect a wireless gamepad, press the center button of the receiver, as well as the Guide button of the gamepad (the button with the image "X").
    5. Check the operation of the device as described in the method for a wired gamepad.

    Installing gamepads from other manufacturers

    The advantage of Microsoft's gamepads is full compatibility with both Xbox gaming consoles and PCs running the Windows operating system. It is no secret that there are other gamepads for PCs, which are made by various companies (Speedlink, Logitech and others) that produce components for computers.

    The installation process of some gamepads is similar to the installation process of the Xbox 360 gamepad. Others simply connect to the computer’s USB port. Thanks to the Plug and Play technology, the installation of device drivers takes place automatically and takes no more than a few minutes, after which the gamepad is fully ready for use and you can safely play on it.

    How to set up a gamepad?

    The main advantage of Xbox 360 gamepads is that most modern games already have settings for a comfortable game with this gamepad. That is, additional configuration is not required and you can immediately start the game. Control parameters can be very easily changed in the game settings themselves.

    In addition to supporting gamepads from Microsoft, most games support gamepads and third-party manufacturers.If the game is adapted to play exclusively with the mouse and keyboard, do not despair, since for such cases there is special software.

    The most popular program to date - Xpadder and use it is very simple.

    1. Download the program from.
    2. Connect the gamepad to the PC and run the program.
    3. Click on any gamepad key and select which keyboard layout key it will correspond to. Gamepad mini-joysticks can be set to mouse functions.

    So you can customize any gamepad, even for those games that work only with the mouse and keyboard.

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