• How to prepare for the presentation and shine

    You will need
    • - paper;
    • - Dictaphone;
    • - a mirror;
    • - a projector;
    • - a computer.
    Make a plan for the speech, determine the objectives of your presentation. If it is informative or reporting, try to include in it specific figures and facts that are not in doubt. If you need a follow-up discussion, do not give out all the information at once. Write out the main theses. Then proceed to the creation of the main text.
    Prepare the text of your speech. In this case, you should focus primarily on the audience. Even if most of the information seems interesting to you, think about your potential listeners and their preferences. Dry facts and conclusions try to submit in a concise, concise form. Your presentation will be effective due to vivid examples that amaze the imagination of figures that encourage discussion of theses.
    Think over and prepare the aids that you will use in your presentation.Be sure to include visual materials in your presentation that will make perception easier. It can be colorful handouts, large posters, graphics, computer presentation, which you will demonstrate on the big screen.
    Read the presentation test out loud in front of a mirror or video camera. To control speech, write text on the recorder. Analyze the received. Pay attention to facial expressions, the duration of the speech, unnecessary pauses, the words parasites. Correct the flaws and record again.
    Think over your appearance. In the selected things you should be absolutely comfortable and convenient. Clothing, accessories and makeup should not distract the attention of listeners. Provide in advance all situations in which you may find yourself during a presentation. For example, you may become hot, so use a set with a jacket that can be removed.

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