• How to pump up the wheel?

    Not once faced, and will still face, drivers with the problem of "flat tire". Usually, such a problem falls on you, most often in the morning. Hurry to work, there is no time and here the flat tire. Pump an experienced driver, yes, still having an electric compressor, not a problem. But for beginners, I will explain this procedure in more detail.

    How to pump up the wheel? To do this, take the compressor. From it comes a thin wire and a cylindrical tip. We are connecting it to the cigarette lighter. Then unscrew the cap and put on it a rubber hose with a naftoechnik all the way down, and turn the plastic handle 90 degrees. If you did everything correctly on the gauge, you can see how many atmospheres are in the wheel. It is necessary to pump up to the necessary mark of the atmosphere, but for each car it is different. This value must be known in advance. Recent actions. Align the plastic handle, remove the compressor, twist the cap on the wheel back, turn off the pump from the cigarette lighter, turn and put in the trunk.

    How to pump up the wheel? What is hidden in these words? There is only one word in these words - pressure. This value is calculated for each vehicle separately, to ensure good driving characteristics, ease of management, extend the service life of tires and carrying capacity. The driver should follow this indicator regularly, especially to check if you are going to travel. Top and bottom pressure readings are always given. It should be very closely match these data differently:

    • If this indicator is exceeded, smoothness may deteriorate, dents may form or a tire may be damaged, contributing to rapid wear of the middle part of the tread;
    • Under reduced pressure, tires can squeal when the car turns, it becomes difficult for steering to wear out very quickly, but unevenly, especially at the edges of the treads, to form various dents and tears of the tire rim or tire cord, to create a rather high temperature in the tire;
    • With uneven pressure in the four wheels, is also very bad for the car. Maybe unequal braking at the wheels, steered into the side of the steering or even less controllability of the car, especially when accelerating or accelerating.

    How to pump up a wheelchair? This is no difficulty. It is only necessary to find the pump that comes with the stroller. If it is not included in the kit, then a simple pump from a bicycle will do. We unscrew the cap, wind the pump hose, pump it up manually, remove the hose and tighten the cap. That's all.

    But there are such situations when it is necessary to pump up the wheel, but there is no pump. How to pump a wheel without a pump? Pretty quickly, but with this procedure you should be as careful as possible and adhere to all safety measures. We are suitable gasoline, gas, any spray, alcohol, deodorant or even hair spray. We inject some substance inside the wheel and ignite. The wheel is fine, you can go.

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