• How to put a bath?

    Bathroom - the room is small, however, repairs in this room takes a long time. Why is that? Everything is simple - this room contains important plumbing, so if you started a routine redecoration, then you have to do hard work. Let's look at how to put a bath so that for many decades to forget about the need to repeat this process.

    For a start it is worth saying that there are several types of baths. Today, acrylic baths are the most popular. There are a lot of variants of their performance and models, so users can always choose the right one for them.

    Bathroom installation

    • Installation begins with screwing the legs, which are included in the kit, if they are not, then you need to be purchased. Do not try to install a bath on the bricks. If you do not know how to properly put a bath, then usually, on its board you can see the pasted instructions with a description of the installation.
    • From the center of the drain hole set aside seventeen centimeters and put the mark in pencil.Draw a line, along it you will attach the first guide. Put the fastening brackets on the rail, attach it to the bath and align it along the line, mark the holes for the self-tapping screws on the brackets with a pencil. We do the same with the second guide, it must be attached at the maximum distance from the first one.
    • Next we need a screwdriver and a metal drill (3 mm). Drill 6 mm deep holes at the points you marked. As a stop, use a little tape wrapped around the drill. Now fasten the guides with screws to the bottom of the bath, and fasten the legs to the guides.
    • Now you should install the siphon. There are many of them, but the procedure for installing each siphon consists of three stages: connecting the upper and lower drain holes and assembling the siphon.
    • Now proceed to the immediate installation of the bathroom. You have to align the legs, for this you need a level and a rule.
    • Measure the thickness of the side of the bathroom, and lay on the wall tags. Now attach the hooks to them and note where the holes will be drilled. Hooks are needed to prevent the bathroom from turning over.
    • Measure the diameter of the dowels supplied in the kit, and with a drill make 2 holes on the hook, and then drive into the holes of the dowel.
    • Fasten the hooks and put a bath on them.
    • Now it remains to understand how to connect the bath, for this it is enough to connect a siphon to the sewer.

    It's time to check the bath for tightness and stability. Pour water into it and carefully see if there are any leaks.

    Features of the installation of cast iron bath

    To install a cast iron bath, you will certainly need an assistant. Since it will be difficult for one to crank this thing, given the impressive weight of a bathroom of 100 kg. So, how to put a bath made of cast iron? It is installed on the legs, which are included. After that, piping or fittings are connected to the riser drain pipe. To do this, use the fun pipes, as well as connectors and corners. The most important point to consider is that the drain hole should be located above the drain hole in the riser. Otherwise, a slow discharge of water and an unpleasant smell in the apartment will be provided to you. After installing the bath, under it you need to install a plastic screen to hide the bottom and the wiring from the eyes.

    Steel bath installation

    Install a steel bath can be the same as cast iron. The only thing you should pay attention to is that the bath does not ring when water is drawn into it. Therefore, under the bottom is better to put a pillow out of sand. You can fold a low brick box along the length and width of the bath, three or four bricks high. Place a bath in the legs, attach the fittings (strapping) and fill the box with dry sand so that the bottom of the tub is on the sand. The distance from the floor to the edge of the bath can be closed with a plastic screen.

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