• How to put firewood

    If you install woodpile withfirewoodin a room where there are walls and floor, then with their installation, as a rule, there are no problems. The main thing is to lay out the first row. Put in it the most even and long logs, tightly positioning them to the side walls. Install each row tightly to each other with a slight slope to the back wall of the room. Fill all the voids behind the woodpilefirewood. In the same way install all subsequent woodpiles. Firewood need only be folded. Use all logs with knots and irregularities immediately.
    When installing firewood in an open space where there are no supporting walls, the installation procedure is more labor intensive and it should be carried out with the utmost care. Put the pile of wood without tilt. On the sides, make a grid of firewood. The firewood in the retaining net should be carefully selected, even and equal in length.
    Often, installing woodpile of wood in an open space, make supporting side supports.For them, the rack, which will be installed on the sides of the size of sawn wood.

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