• How to put the engine?

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    How to put the engine?

    Putting the engine in a car is no easy task. This requires not only knowledge of mechanics, but also an understanding of the stages of work.

    Preparation for work

    It is impossible to install the engine yourself; this will require at least two assistants and a mechanical or electric winch. The winch must be securely fixed to the ceiling so that the mount does not break under the weight of the engine. If it is not possible to install a winch, then you can use a sturdy wooden board. The board is securely fastened to the engine using cables in its central part so that it is located across the center plane of the engine.

    On the engine special recesses for fastening of cables are provided. The slings should have a slight slack, because when you transfer the engine into the body, the board with its edges will fall on the wings of the car, and will keep it in this position for the entire period of engine fixation.If the cables are too short, the engine will not fall on its seats and will be in limbo. Wings must be covered with soft material to protect the paintwork from damage by the board.

    Engine installation

    1. Before you put the engine on a VAZ or another car, you must remove the hood cover from the car body. This will free up space and protect the cover from possible damage. Before installing the engine is recommended to remove the gearbox. Of course, you can put the engine and with the gearbox installed, but it will take much more time and effort, moreover, some experience is required for such a procedure.
    2. The engine is attached to the body of the car on special supports with rubber anti-vibration pads. Two people lift the engine using the attached board and gently lower it to the seats in the car body. In this case, the third person holds the engine itself in the desired position and guides it in order to avoid damage to the hull and other equipment during installation. If the engine is equipped with attachments, (starter,generator, air filter, cooling fan) before you put the engine without sufficient experience, it can be dismantled to simplify installation and prevent possible damage.
    3. While two people (or a winch) support the engine in the desired position, a third person installs rubber anti-vibration mounts and secures them with bolts, without clamping them to the end and leaving the possibility to shift the engine in the right directions when installing the gearbox.
    4. After installing the engine and fixing the rubber pads, you can install the gearbox. The board, with the help of which the engine was placed in a car, is not removed until the complete installation and mounting of the gearbox. The edges of the board down on the wings of the car. If when laying the board on the cables appeared slack, then it must be removed, the lines should have a slight stretch. Installing the gearbox, make sure that the primary shaft fits into the special slots of the clutch disc.
    5. After the gearbox has been installed and securely fastened, you can finally clamp the rubber engine mount pads.After fixing the pillows, remove the wooden plank and mounting slings.
    6. When the engine is securely mounted on the housing, you can proceed to the installation of attachments: starter, oil filter, generator, cooling fan. After installing the attachments, we proceed to connecting the systems and engine control elements. We connect the fuel supply line to the fuel pump, install the carburetor throttle thrust and the air damper control cable. Fasten the exhaust pipe to the exhaust manifold. Install the air filter on the carburetor.
    7. Install the radiator, thermostat, connect the hoses for supplying and discharging coolant to the engine and expansion tank. We connect electrical wiring to temperature, pressure, starter and electropump sensors (if any). At the final stage, we once again check the correctness of the connection of assemblies, units and install the hood lid.

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