• How to put yourself right?

    It is not easy to win authority in a new team, and you can lose it very quickly. How to properly put yourself in the new job and in the company of strangers? We give some useful tips for such situations.

    Tips for a new employee

    At first, try to listen more and look at others, and not talk. And this advice applies not only to the workplace. To get started, understand your duties well and fulfill them. You should not immediately get close to someone, let alone become part of an informal group or join someone. This will not be an indicator of your investment in the workforce.

    At the same time, try not to be too serious in the workplace. You should rather be friendly and polite. Keep in mind that a certain degree of informal communication has not prevented anyone yet, but everything is within a reasonable framework, and only in those cases when it does not harm your image.

    Keep in mind that there will definitely not be a normal attitude of the team to the person who flies in front of the director (by the way, the leaders themselves are usually not respected).Also, in order to avoid a negative attitude of the team, you should not demonstrate your neglect of any work, as with almost all colleagues you will be in a relatively equal position.

    In order to properly deliver oneself and achieve a good attitude towards oneself, one must respectfully treat all employees of the company, regardless of the position they hold - from a simple employee in the field of cleaning to the general director. No position is not able to cancel labor discipline or subordination.

    Keep in mind that in any company a negative attitude of colleagues can be earned only by the fact of denunciation. In addition, there are very often cases when the CEO himself, to whom a person comes in to secretly tell some information, changes the opinion of a person for the worse.

    How to behave with management

    If the director or any other head of the company is a self-sufficient person, then, as a rule, he doesn’t care what his subordinates say about him and what other things they do in their spare time. The main thing is that employees perform their duties.If the company has a normal management, then the production will have completely different indicators of how effective the work of the company's employees, as well as methods for monitoring its quality. However, this does not mean that you are obliged to cover the poor work of employees in the event that it harms the company. Especially, even if you do not know how to put yourself in a team, remember that you cannot be allowed to shift someone else’s blame onto you.

    It is unlikely to be helpful excessive helpfulness guiding people. It is one thing to provide any services - it is your direct responsibility, but in all other cases you should not do it just like that. There are, of course, cases when it is urgently necessary to transfer all the burdens of work, and this is done by all company employees, regardless of their position. In such cases, it is ethical to refuse to work only on the condition of poor health.

    And finally, the main thing to be remembered: they will not leave the employee at work if he does not cope with the assigned duties. After all, we all know that, above all, a good employee is called a person who works well.People are hired to distribute duties among all employees, and the profession “just a good person” does not exist, so the main thing is a high level of professionalism.

    How to behave with new friends

    Now let's talk about how to behave in a new company, if you are not familiar with people.

    1. First of all, remember that people pay attention to a positive attitude. Therefore, even if you have any pressing problems, try not to talk about them.
    2. Do not flatter. There is no need to play podliza, because such a person does not cause confidence.
    3. Do not be overly emotional. Emotionality is good quality, but do not forget that at first you need to focus less on yourself and your hobbies. It is also not necessary to demonstrate a bright reaction to someone's opinion, even if you strongly disagree with him or, on the contrary, support him with both hands. Be calmer.
    4. You should not be too modest. To be noticed, do not hesitate to express your opinion, but in any case, do not impose it and do not start conflicting topics, such as politics or religion.
    5. Be tactful. It is worth joking that joke.If you see that you are rude, flattering, etc., do not disregard this behavior and draw conclusions. In such situations, it is not necessary to respond to the abuser in the same way, but calmly and correctly, you still need to protect yourself.

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