• How to quickly cure bruise

    Apply cold to the injury site. Do this as early as possible. Suitable stream of cold water or a heating pad with it, ice, snow, wet towel. If the only possible option was a compress, do not forget to change it as the fabric warms.
    Apply a bandage on the joint area, if the injury occurred on the movable part of the body. This will help limit activity in this zone, which is very important in the first hours after such an injury.
    Make an iodine net one day after injury. Dip a cotton swab in a jar of iodine and draw a grid on the skin with several lines.
    Change the cold compress to a warm one in two days. In addition, you can take a warm bath or visit the bath. But be careful: heat is contraindicated if the bruise is accompanied by damage to internal organs or a concussion of the brain.
    Make a massage in a hurt place, when the pain disappears. Especially this advice is relevant for injuries to hands and feet, because massage will help to quickly restore motor function.
    Apply an anti-inflammatory gel.This ointment should be rubbed 4-5 times a day, avoiding wounds or abrasions, if they are in place of the injury.
    Take painkillers if the bruise is accompanied by severe pain. Medications that can help you include analgesics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Keep in mind that for persistent pain, you should consult a doctor.
    Improve the look of the hurt place. If a bruise forms at the site of the injury, you can get rid of it with the help of a bodyagi. Get the powder in the pharmacy and mix with water according to the instructions. After receiving the composition of the mushy consistency, apply it to the site of injury.

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