• How to raise the temperature?

    The work of the human body is a well-established system of various processes that occur according to the natural rules laid down by nature itself. Any abnormalities cause one or another negative reaction of the body. One of them is temperature increase.

    The causes of high temperature, as a rule, are internal inflammatory processes, elevated temperature is the reaction of the body to them. This is a signal to start treatment. The change in body temperature is a kind of protection of the body from hypothermia or internal overheating.

    Ways to artificially increase the temperature

    The temperature can also increase in the case of exposure to various external factors that a person can control. There are various reasons why high temperature is required. How to raise the temperature while remaining healthy? Now we find out.


    If you want to know how to raise the temperature to 38 degrees, you can use the most commonly used method.Take iodine and put one drop of the solution on a piece of sugar. By eating sugar, you can expect a rise in body temperature, but it will not last long, not more than one day. The general condition of the majority of those who tried this method was good on itself, there was no pain. Those who have problems with the thyroid gland or the heart should refrain from using this method, otherwise undesirable complications may occur.

    Garlic, onion and salt

    Another common way to raise body temperature is to use onions, pepper, garlic, or salt to rub armpits. The procedure should continue for a long time, up to ten minutes. The temperature in this case can last a couple of days. With this method, you need to be careful because of the peculiar smell of garlic and onions, and also try not to overdo it and not to injure the skin.

    Mustard bath

    Another way to raise the temperature is a hot foot bath with mustard. Some advise to eat a piece of pencil of domestic simple pencil. But this method is not safe!

    Heating pad thermometer

    An effective way to raise the temperature quickly is to place a small heating pad under the arm. For this purpose, a dense polyethylene or plastic is used, from which a small vessel is made - a heating pad and filled with hot water, then it is attached to the armpit area with scotch tape. At the same time, it is necessary to control the temperature increase on the thermometer so that it is plausible. This method is called the safest. Sometimes a mustard plaster is placed in a plastic bag, which has been soaked in hot water before. Then the package is attached under the arm and measure the temperature.

    And there are unique people who are trying to raise the testimony of a thermometer, putting it to the central heating battery, rubbing it on jeans or a sofa, dropping it into a cup of tea. As for the latter, you should be careful because the tea may be too hot, which will cause the thermometer to crack.

    Do not experiment with health

    Remember that the use of any of these methods to increase body temperature can cause an individual reaction and lead to health problems, so before applying them, think about the greatest value of a person - about good health.After all, they can lead to bad consequences, which, naturally, cannot be compared with the minute desire to raise the temperature. Neither the author of the article nor the site on which the article is posted are responsible for using these methods of artificially increasing body temperature.

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