• How to read DjVu?

    Alena Mikhailova
    Alena Mikhailova
    January 23, 2015
    How to read DjVu?

    Quite a few books are distributed in DjVu format. After all, it gives indisputable advantages - with excellent quality of the document, the file weighs very little. However, to open this format you need to have special software.

    Below you can learn how to read DjVu.

    How to read DjVu-format?

    At the moment there are 2 most convenient programs for reading the DjVu format - WinDjView and DjVuReader. They have few differences, since this software is narrowly focused, but, meanwhile, it solves the problem of reading files.


    DjVuReader is distributed free of charge, so you can find it on the Internet or download it. To start using this program, you need to run it. Then in the "File" menu, select the book you want to open. Click on it and you can read it. Also in this program, you can select the display mode of the document - simulating the reading of this book, single page mode. You can also set bookmarks to not lose the desired page.


    This program is also distributed free of charge, you can download it. After downloading the software, you can immediately use it, you can simply drag the file with the DjVu extension, and it will open immediately.The settings for this program are similar to the previous one. But WinDjView gives you the ability to automatically turn the pages.

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