• How to recognize a problem bank

    Who can suffer

    Anyone who opens a deposit or takes a loan from a problem bank. After all, the state guarantees in case of a bank bankruptcy a return of a deposit in the amount of only up to 700 thousand rubles, including interest. Therefore, it is better to immediately entrust the funds to a reliable bank than to knock down thresholds, trying to get your money back.

    As for loans, the problem is different. If the bank where you took the loan will be closed, the loans issued to them will be transferred to another financial institution. She does not have the right to change the terms of your loan agreement, but it sometimes takes weeks to find out who and how you should pay. And during this time debt can be formed.

    It is also dangerous to transfer money through such a bank. If the bank’s activities are closed shortly after the transfer is completed, the funds may simply not reach the addressee.

    Problem bank

    Abnormal situation in the bank

    If you see poorly adjusted work in your bank: huge queues, rudeness and inattention of employees to customers, it is better to say goodbye to this financial institution and give money to another bank.

    Pay attention to the presence of failures in the banking programs and the Internet banking system. Because of this, there can often be delays in making payments and returning deposits. Find out if there is a shortage of rubles or currency at the box office. This can be understood by the restrictions on the issuance of money and often not working bank.

    Deposit rates

    It is worth guarding if you are offered to open a deposit at too high a percentage. The Central Bank regularly publishes the average rate to which all banks must adhere. To check how much your bank has exceeded the norm, go to the Central Bank's website and hammer in the search line: weighted average interest rates on rubles attracted by credit institutions to individuals. Exceeding the last rate even by 3% per annum usually means that the bank really needs money.

    Read the news

    Bank problems can be tracked through the news, and best of all on the Internet. Pay attention to the news about the conflicts of the owners of the bank and major lawsuits against the bank by the state authorities: the Central Bank, Rosfinmonitoring and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

    Look for news about high-profile scandals involving the management and owners of the bank, major internal conflicts in banks, searches in a bank branch, and unscheduled inspections of the Central Bank.

    Also, the news is always reported if the largest rating agencies downgrade the ratings of a bank. And this happens when the bank has a problem.

    The main thing to understand is that bad news should be regular. One-time negative can be found about any bank, and this says little.

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