• How to recover corrupted photos

    You will need
    • - the photo;
    • - scanner;
    • - a computer;
    • - Photoshop program.
    To restore a paper photo, first scan it. In the scanner settings, always select the highest resolution, at least 300dpi. In the process, you will need other parts of the image, and if the resolution does not match, the result may be unpredictable. Do not forget to erase the dust, fingerprints from the image, use a balloon with compressed air or a cleaning cloth.
    Color-correct the image. To do this, open the menu "Images", "Correction", "Curves". Click on the white pipette in the opened window, which is located on the left, and already on the photo itself find the brightest area, point to it. Similarly, click on the black dropper and select the darkest part. If necessary, select a plot with medium brightness for the gray pipette. Thanks to this function, a yellow, muddy photo will become bright and contrast.
    Next, start repairing damaged areas, scratches, dark and light spots, etc. There are many ways to do this, but you can use the following: enter the Quick Mask mode (the lowest button below), select the brush tool (preferably with a low level of hardness, fluffy) and select a part of the face of a suitable color in the photo which is not damaged. It will turn red.
    Exit the Quick Mask mode, right-click on the image and select Invert Selection from the menu. Copy the resulting image and paste it onto a new layer located above the photo (you can simply press Ctrl + V, the layer will appear automatically). Then move the spot to the damaged area. You will see how it closed. If necessary, erase the excess with a low stiffness eraser.
    If the photo is damaged, for example, one corner of the mouth, and the second is in order, select the whole part using the described method or the usual cursor. After copying it to a new layer, choose in the menu “Edit”, “Transform”, “Flip horizontally”. Try also changing the angle of inclination by selecting “Rotate”.

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