• How to recover quickly?

    In our age of speed man lacks the smallest - time! We have a lot of activities and activities that we perform. Therefore, we must be constantly "in shape." No time to get sick!

    A person usually wants to be healthy! And when he falls ill, the question always arises - how to recover quickly? What needs to be done to achieve results and not have side effects? And most importantly, that the disease did not return back soon.

    Whatever the disease was, it does not arise from scratch. There are always prerequisites. If, for example, with a frost of -20 °, we go outside, dressed for a temperature of + 10 °, then, at least, pneumonia is provided to us. This, of course, is exaggerated, but more often than not we treat our health and then “cry” - why am I sick? How to get better faster?


    We all remember that the main remedy before treatment is prevention! And she should definitely pay attention. What it is? We will not talk about a healthy lifestyle, everyone knows how important it is and what to do about it ... But how to prevent a disease? How can you quickly recover? Now and consider:

    • It is necessary to comply with the temperature regime.That is, you can not allow a large and sharp temperature drop. No need from a room equipped with air conditioning, with a temperature of + 25 ° to run out into the street, where -20 °.
    • We must dress according to the weather. If it is cold and windy outside, and the sun is shining, it does not mean that it is warmer. And this is not only in winter. In the summer, people also suffer from colds.
    • Do not warm up with alcoholic beverages. This is deceptive. The body quickly “warms up” the blood, but cools down faster than it retains heat. So it is necessary to increase the dose, and it already looks like an addiction ...
    • You can get a flu shot. But it is not done at the time of the epidemic, or when you are already sick, but a couple of months before. And in our heads, there is often a thought, and if I don’t get sick this time, I’d do nothing. That is why it is called preventive!
    • To drink immunostimulating drugs, in time of illness, it makes no sense either. But to maintain your immune system in good shape - this is good.
    • Another important thing is not to start the disease. You can not allow yourself to carry the virus (because all this is a viral infection) "on their feet", because the consequences are not long in coming. Complications from colds are the worst.

    If the disease has already risen

    How to quickly recover from a cold? First of all, you should understand that you need to take care of your health, however, as well as life. Since it is always more difficult to be treated. You can even remember another aspect - more expensive! Since the drugs cost is not small money.

    How to quickly recover from the flu? It is necessary to understand that flu and ARVI (Acute Respiratory Viral Infection) are still different diseases, although their symptoms are similar.

    What to do when the disease has already come? Only an attentive and careful attitude towards ourselves will help us to cope with it:

    • We must try to recognize the disease at an early stage. That is, the first symptoms - tickling in the throat and nose. We take "Interferon" or "Laferon", dilute the ampoule with 2 cubes of boiled water at room temperature, and drop 2 drops into each nasal passage (during the day every 2 hours)
    • Do not wait for subsequent manifestations, but immediately into battle. We begin to act. For example, put freshly cut ginger (half a teaspoon) on a slice of freshly cut lemon, grated on a small grater (half a teaspoon), and lay honey on top (half a teaspoon). This method is suitable for those who are not allergic to citrus fruits and honey. All this needs to be chewed and eaten, with lemon and peel.
    • If your condition even slightly deteriorated, body aches appeared, there is no temperature yet, but the condition is exactly that. Then we take Aflubin in drops and perform the following course:
      • we type in a teaspoon (I don’t kiss, we drop more drops into it) of boiled water of room temperature;
      • dripping 6 drops of medication;
      • we drink;
      • This procedure is repeated for 2 hours, every 15 minutes.
      • the next 5 days, we take the medicine like this (6 drops of medicine in a spoon 3 or 2 times a day, for 5 days).

    If the throat has begun to cough and sore, then we will sprinkle Ingalipt, and in the evening before bedtime we will boil a glass of milk with crusts of a mandarin for 2-3 minutes, filter and drink. Again, if there is no allergy to citrus. If there is, then replace the mandarin peel with 2 cloves of garlic. Killer mixture, but very effective.

    If you still did not have time to “catch” the disease in time (you didn’t listen to yourself, the body always asks for help), then we run to the doctor, not waiting for what can pass by itself. Help your body, and it will serve you faithfully for many years.

    Listen to yourself! And do not run even the most seemingly "easy" sores! Be healthy!

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