• How to register in contact?

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    How to register in contact?

    You are not registered in contact? But I’ve heard that this is one of the most popular social networks, that you can keep in touch with your friends, watch their life changes in the news, upload your photos and watch other people! The number of registered users is growing with great speed so far. How to register in contact, and what changes with registration have occurred, we will tell in this article.

    I want to register in contact without problems, quickly and as quickly as possible! If you think about this, we offer our instructions, which will undoubtedly help you with this.

    Registration procedure

    How to register in contact right now? We read our instructions and in parallel perform the necessary actions.

    1. In any browser, open or simply. You will see the start page of the site, where registered users enter their data and enter their pages, and unregistered ones register.
    2. We need information for those who register.Enter your first and last name in the appropriate boxes. These are required fields.
    3. After that, click "Register".
    4. Then you will be asked to indicate in turn the country and city of the school where you studied or are studying. Then you will see the columns "School", "Year of release", "Class". All of them can not fill. If you don’t want to specify even a country or any other information about you, simply click on the appropriate window and select the phrase “Select ...”. The more data you fill in, the easier it will be easier for you and your potential friends in contact to find each other.
    5. If you fill in the “Year of graduation” and / or “Class” columns, the site will immediately issue you with registered users who have graduated from the same school as you and studied in the same class. So you can, without even completing the registration, already add yourself some friends. If you do not want to fill in the boxes, just click "Skip the search for classmates." If you have chosen someone to be your friend or just looked and do not want to add anyone yet, simply go down to the bottom of the list and there you will see the button “Go to the next step”.Click on it and continue to register.
    6. You will be asked to fill in the columns “Country of higher education institution”, “City of higher education institution”, “University”, “Year of graduation”, “Faculty”, “Department”. You can also fill them in and find them in the list of potential friends from the university where you studied, and add them to yourself. You can just as in the last paragraph, just skip everything. The control buttons are the same - “Skip the search for fellow students” and “Go to the next step”.
    7. The last moment in registration is the indication of the phone number to which the page will be attached. We recommend to indicate your actual number for two reasons: firstly, it will exclude a greater likelihood of hacking your page through a phone number; secondly, a special code will be sent to this number. Do not worry, it is absolutely free. When you receive the code, you will need to enter it upon contact request. Registration will be completed, and you will become a full member of the social network! Further - at your discretion, build your page as you want. You can add or, on the contrary, remove some data.

    What's next?

    Now you know how to register in contact for free and now.Pavel Durov repeatedly introduced various amendments to the registration procedure. So, there was a time when in contact to register for free (by the way, it was always free and free until now) was possible only through inviting friends. Not so long ago everything became much easier, and now you know how to register in contact now.

    After registration, you will have an amazing world of communication and information called Contact. Sign up for free right now will cost you just a few minutes! And a little advice for the future - the social network "Vkontakte" greatly delays many. Despite a lot of interesting things that will await you in this social network, do not forget about real life, daily activities, live communication and real fun!

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