• How to register the path?

    Sometimes the path to the folder you need in the registry is not quite correct. The causes may also be exposure to harmful viruses. This problem requires an urgent solution, because if the path to the desired program is not specified correctly, then it will be impossible for it to install plugins and updates. And this will entail many problems and make the system more difficult. In this article we will help this problem and describe how to set the path to the file or folder.

    How to set the path to the file. Instruction

    • If you want to know how to set the path to the file, you must click on the shortcut on the right mouse button. A pop-up menu pops up, there is a "Properties" command, select it. As a result, a window will appear and there will be a tab "Shortcut", click.
    • In the window that appears, you will see some parameters, namely: “Working folder”, which serves as the name of the folder in which the file is located. It is indicated by a label; “Object” is the full path to the file. First, in the "Object" parameter, we observe the hard disk, after we see the folder where it is located."File Location" by clicking the left mouse button, thereby you open the folder in which the file is located.
    • For example, you need to find how to set the path of a process running in the operating system. We will tell how to do it. It is necessary to press the Ctrl-Alt-Del key on the keyboard, as a result, a window will open on the monitor of your computer, there will be a “Task Manager”. You can still run immediately, then you have to press Ctrl-ShIft-Esc.
    • In the "Task Manager" enter the "Processes". There will be a list, you will need to select a process through which you will learn the path to the file, this can be done with the right mouse button. Then there will be information about the object. The string "Type" contains information about its type. Below is - "Location". The full path to the file will be specified in this line. And if you click the Details tab, then you will find out the associated data about it. For example: the original name; copyright and the like. To learn about the digital signature of the object, you need to go to the "Digital Signatures" tab.

    How to set the path to the folder. Instruction

    • You need to find the "Run program", for this in the "Start" menu you find the "Run" and make a choice.
    • Your attention will be given an input line. In this line you need to register "regedit", which is the name of the registry. When you enter a word and click on OK, you will find yourself in the working registry window.
    • On the left you will see a certain number of folders, from this list, select the folder "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE". After making a choice, double-click on it or once on the cross.
    • Next you need to find in the list "SOFTWARE", in it, as a rule, they have the property of displaying folders with programs and games included in the registry.
    • Opening the document "SOFTWARE" in the same way as "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE", you will find the folder that you need by its name.
    • Selecting it with one click of the left mouse button, look at the right side of the window displaying the keys of the folder you need. You should be convinced of its importance, keeping in mind that the exe-file is there. In the reverse order, the keys you can not see. On the key line, in the “Value” item, there is an answer to the question how to set the path to the folder.
    • In order for the folder path to be correct, you need to change it. Double-click on the key and write in the value string the address that leads to your data folder.

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