• How to reinstall the system?

    Sooner or later, all computer users must reinstall their operating system. Reinstalling systems can be caused by many factors, but most often it needs to be done due to the constant installation or removal of programs that clog the computer. Reinstalling the operating system is not a difficult process and surely anyone, even a novice user, will be able to reinstall it. Next, consider how to properly reinstall the system on different computers.

    How to reinstall Windows

    Before you begin reinstalling the operating system, you must find and prepare all the drivers for various devices for your computer. If suddenly you did not find any driver disk, you can download them on the Internet, or use the DriverMax program, with which you can make a copy of your drivers. And after installing the operating system, you only need to start the program and show the path to the saved drivers. Also, a lot of important condition in the preparation is the preservation of all their data.Such data include photos, documents, videos and music. Save everything on a CD or DVD disc or on a USB flash drive. Consider directly how to reinstall the system on your computer:

    • From the very beginning, you need to boot the computer from the CD / DVD drive, not from the hard disk. To do this, you need to go to the BIOS settings. During the startup process, click Delete or F2. Doing this action, you will immediately get into the BIOS. BIOS settings may vary, but their essence is the same. Find the label where the word Boot occurs (boot) and set the boot priority for 1st Boot Device [CDROM] and 2st Boot Device [Hard Drive]. Save the action by pressing the F10 key.
    • Next, boot the computer using the CD / DVD. Wait until the files are loaded, and then accept the license agreement by pressing the F8 key. The system will give you a list of logical partitions where you need to choose a place to install Windows, as a rule, this is drive C. Wait until all files are copied.
    • Next, you need to restart the computer and boot it from drive C. After that, the installation process will begin. The system will require you to enter a key, as well as specify some parameters. And in just half an hour you will have a clean operating system installed on your computer.
    • But this is not all, in order for the operating system to work fully, it is necessary to install all device drivers and necessary programs.

    After all necessary components are installed, it would not be bad to create an image of a hard disk. This will save you further questions on how to reinstall Windows system the next time it is necessary. You simply copy the image, do not perform any actions, and reinstalling will be much easier. This scheme will help anyone to understand this difficult matter, and you will no longer be frightened by the thought of how to reinstall XP, Windows 7 or other operating systems.

    How to reinstall the system on a laptop

    The process of reinstalling the operating system on a laptop is slightly different from the process of reinstalling the system on personal computers. You immediately wondered how to reinstall the operating system in this case, do not worry, everything is quite simple and simple. The only difference is that the laptop lacks some necessary drivers on the installation disk. And after you finish reinstalling the system, you will need to manually install some drivers on your laptop.The reinstallation process itself is no different from the one needed for personal computers. The only thing that can be noted is that your laptop can reboot several times during the entire reinstallation. The process itself lasts about an hour and when everything is completed, you will see a desktop. After that, you can proceed to the installation of drivers and other necessary software, this is in the case of a complete reinstallation of the system.

    How to reinstall the system on a netbook

    In netbook, compared with laptops, the parameters are much lower. Computers of this type are mainly designed for office programs, work on the Internet and for web surfing. Netbooks don't even have disk drives. By purchasing yourself such a thing, you will immediately notice that the operating system is already installed in it. But, as often happens, this OS does not suit you, and there is a desire to reinstall it. And you immediately think about how to reinstall this operating system. Let's take a look at how to reinstall the operating system on a netbook.

    • To get started, take a flash drive, since there is no drive, format it and download the XP distribution kit (as an example).Next, run the program in the "Devise" section, select your flash drive. Further in the section “File System” it is necessary to mark the option “FAT” and assign the name to “Volume Label”. It should be noted that the name must not be more than 11 characters. Then click on the “Start” button and you will enable the formatting of the flash drive in the FAT file system.
    • To “fill up” the program, we need an image, or a boot disk, Alcohol 120% program and a utility to create a bootloader “PEBuilder”, which can be found on the Internet. Next, you need to insert a boot disk, or just load the image in Alcohol 120% and run PEBuilder. Next, the program creates a bootloader, after which we copy everything to the USB flash drive.
    • In order to copy data to a USB flash drive, you must use the peints utility, which is located in PEBuilder in the folder with plug-ins. Next, a DOS window will open; here, click 1 and correct the source directory of the Sourse path to C: / pebuilder3110 / bartpe. Using button 2, set the target directory of the Target path as the letter of your flash drive. Use the button 5 to select the installation, and by pressing the 1, the installation will start automatically. After this procedure, all data will be transferred to a USB flash drive. Bootable flash drive ready.
    • And now you can proceed directly and reinstall the operating system.It happens in the same way as reinstalling on a personal computer and on a laptop. When the netbook starts to boot from the USB flash drive, you will only have to follow the installation instructions.

    Reinstall linux

    It also happens that the Linux system needs to be reinstalled. Although this operating system does not break down and can serve for a very long time, but only if it does not carry out any experiments on it. Therefore, it is better not to reinstall Linux, but some still want to remove the old version and install the new one. This happens in cases when the release support period expires. Or some inquiring minds just decided to change the distribution. And yet, if Linux is working properly and does not cause inconvenience, then it is better not to reinstall it. Now you know how to reinstall the system on various computers and without the help of specialists.

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