• How to remove damage?

    From the point of view of science, the concept of “damage” does not exist, but even doctors do not deny cases of a miraculous recovery of patients after the removal of so-called damage. Bioenergetics call this phenomenon the imposition of a negative energy program on a person, on illness, on loneliness, and even on death. This can be done by both a knowledgeable person who knows how to impose damage, and an ordinary person, in a fit of anger, uttering curses and wishes of evil. This happens in life is not so rare, so very often people wonder how to remove damage.

    How to recognize damage

    There are no signs that they all had a bad energy program imposed on them, so everyone will have their own to list them. We must remember the main thing. If unusual phenomena began to occur in your life, if a person began to commit acts that are not typical for him, if life has changed dramatically and there is no way out of problems, then this is a sure sign that someone wished you something bad. And only then it is necessary to learn how to relieve damage.

    Removing damage by another person

    The most correct behavior in the detection of energy problems will appeal to a specialist. Some of them are called magicians, healers, someone calls himself a bioenergy, someone a witch. In any case, they themselves must tell you about whether there is damage on you or not. In addition, they will describe the image of the person who has cursed you, call him an approximate age, hair color, relationship degree, and what the damage was done to you. Also, the priests are engaged in the removal of damage, they call this process exorcism. Priests remove damage by prayers, and the rest - in a variety of ways, but they also have prayers.

    Egg damage removal

    Studying how to remove damage on your own is a good thing, but you can only do it if you know the whole process thoroughly. Amateurish removal of damage can only hurt even more. When you contact a specialist, you may be asked to remove the damage to the egg. For this procedure, you will need to bring a very fresh egg to the magician. They are rolled on the head, on the spine, on the legs and on the hands, while very strong prayers are being read. Then the egg is smashed into a glass of water and see what damage it is to a person.The yolk denotes the soul of a person, and the white is everything that happens around. The egg forms various patterns in the water. Rolling back with an egg is carried out until the egg is flat, which means that the human energy has recovered.

    Waxing damage removal

    A tainted person is treated the same way by casting on wax. Before a cup of water, a candle is lit, wax drips into the water, and the magician reads a prayer. Then look at the drawing of wax, which was in the water. On it, as well as on the egg, images are formed, which the specialist can read. If the pattern is tangled and embossed, then the damage is strong. Casting and washing are done until the wax is even.

    Lining at the crossroads

    There is still a lot of species to remove damage, among which there are ways to transfer it to another person. Slander special words on a thing, fix a bad energy program on it, and carry it to a crossroads. Leave it there as well with special words. Then this thing is picked up by another person, who takes on all the bad things. That is why all healers always warn, never pick up anything on the street.Damage is reduced to small money, to grain, to new brooms, to scarves. If you really want to take such a thing at a crossroads, then you need to know the "disclaimer" that will allow you not to transfer the damage to yourself.

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