• How to remove the car from the register?

    From October 15, 2013, a simplified procedure for deregistration of a vehicle is in effect. In this article we will understand how to remove the car from the register.

    The main provisions and innovations are described in the “Administrative regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on the provision of state services for registration of motor vehicles and trailers for them”. The full document can be found.

    As a rule, cars are deregistered for several reasons:

    • Car sale;
    • Relocation. Under current law, when moving within your region, state numbers can be left unchanged. They will have to be replaced only when moving to another region.

    Deregistration in the traffic police

    Removing a car from the register is a mandatory procedure. If it is not produced, the new owner will not be able to register the car. So, how to remove a car from the register? For this:

    1. We prepare the car (my, make the body and engine numbers readable);
    2. We collect the necessary documents:
      • application with notes on the reconciliation of numbers (for legal entities);
      • vehicle registration certificate (PTS) (for legal entities we also need a copy);
      • certificate of registration of the vehicle;
      • receipt of payment of tax, the amount of which depends on what actions are performed;
      • identification;
      • power of attorney and its notarized copy (if you are not the owner).
    3. We leave with the documents in the REP and pass them to the appropriate window for verification;
    4. We provide a car for inspection specialist;
    5. If everything is in order, the specialist will make a note about this in a statement;
    6. We remove numbers and with all documentation we transfer to the window for further processing;
    7. We make a contract of sale. The procedure for removal and registration can be made almost simultaneously. The former owner deregisters, and the new one, leaving the previous license plate, immediately puts the car on the account;
    8. We hand over the keys to the new owner, who can now dispose of the purchased car at his discretion.

    When the car buyer registers it, your name and surname will thus be changed in the database on the name of the new owner.The rooms can be left old, but this is already decided by a specialist of the same REP at the time of inspection for removal and re-registration.

    Currently, you can independently remove the car from the register for sale only. You can keep a car only if it is written off. It is worth considering that after the cancellation of the car to put on record will be impossible.

    When you need to remove the car from the register

    Although the new procedure does not require removing the car from the register itself, there are still times when it will still need to be done for your own financial and personal safety. In that article, we will cite several such cases.

    1. Hijacking If the car was hijacked, the owner must contact the traffic police. This is done not only to write a statement about the hijacking of a car to search for it, but also to remove the car from your account (if someone commits any crime on your car, then you will have proof that you were not driving you, and the hijacker).
    2. Recycling. If you hand over your car to the state for recycling, you must submit an application in order not to constantly pay taxes on a car that has already passed the recycling process.
    3. Check out the car outside Russia.If you are moving abroad, you must remove the car from the register in this country in order to be able to register it in another.
    4. You will also need to follow the actions of the new car owner. More precisely, for information about the new car registration. If the buyer does not register the vehicle within 10 days, you will need to do this. This is necessary so that you are not responsible in case you bought the car for any illegal purposes.

    State fees

    Changes in the state regulations affected not only the procedure for deregistration and the limits of responsibility of each of the parties to the car purchase and sale transaction, but also the amount of payment for those or other accompanying procedures.

    The minimum payment is now set at 200 rubles. So much will have to be paid for the procedure of reissuing the technical passport to the buyer or making any changes in the elements of the car’s assembly to the technical passport.

    The maximum amount of payment is 2500 rubles - this is the cost of the entire procedure for processing / re-issuing documents and car numbers.

    So, we told you the essence of the procedure. The most important thing is that the main responsibilities now lie on the car buyer. Therefore, you should be familiar with the procedure and know your role in the transaction.

    Using the portal of public services

    You can also go.

    By clicking on this link, you can familiarize yourself with the rules for removing a car from the register, the cost and order of registration, terms and other details, as well as you can submit an application.

    The site also provides information on the necessary documents for submitting an application with filling templates, contact details and schedules of the transport security department and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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