• How to remove the cartridge from the printer?

    Elena Lukash
    Elena Lukash
    February 6, 2013
    How to remove the cartridge from the printer?

    If there is a problem, how to pull the cartridge out of the printer, experts advise to still contact the professionals in their field. Well, or use the instructions that came with the device. There are no particular difficulties in the process, but for a person who is trying to perform an action for the first time, there are still a number of recommendations besides the generally accepted instruction. For example, before you get the cartridge from the printer, remember: all actions are performed smoothly and without sudden movements. A small effort (you can even say a small one) is applied only at the moment of removing the cartridge itself from the device when the printer cover is already open. If, for some reason, the cartridge is stuck and it is not taken out, it is better to stop all sorts of attempts at forceful action and attribute the device to a specialist.

    When should the cartridge be removed:

    • The device has jammed the paper and the printing process is interrupted.
    • When printing, stripes of paint, blots, stains remain
    • Text not printed
    • Out of ink or powder for printing

    So, how to remove the cartridge from the printer:

    • To avoid injury, free your hands from metal objects: rings, piercings, chains and bracelets.
    • Open the printer cover. Please note: there must be a special tongue or groove on the side or under it. Pull them up. The lid will open. In some models, crib-images are pasted on the inside of it, describing how to remove the cartridge from the printer.
    • Let's start to remove the cartridge. If actions occur with a laser printer, keep in mind: they heat the fuser. Try not to touch it, so as not to burn yourself. Please note that in some models special clamps are used to fix the cartridge. Uncover them to begin the extraction process.
    • Pull the printer handle toward you with a little effort. He must succumb to the "persuasion" and be in your hands.
    • Sometimes, if you turn off the printer from the outlet, the cartridge is firmly fixed inside the device. Turn the machine back on and the cartridge will take up the desired position. The withdrawal process can be carried out with the device turned on.The current will not hit!

    Actions that CANNOT be done with a cartridge:

    • Careless to treat him. Seized parts should be handled with extreme care. The slightest damage will reduce print quality.
    • Raise the curtain that protects the drum.
    • Leave the cartridge in the light. This badly affects the quality of the device.
    • When working with an inkjet printer, remove the device for more than three minutes: there is a risk that the ink will dry.

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