• How to remove the entire wall at once?

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    How to remove the entire wall at once?

    The social network VKontakte has tremendous opportunities for users to communicate and publish interesting materials consisting of text, video, music, pictures or combinations of these elements. However, sometimes the publication on the wall of your page or group becomes so much that it is necessary, for personal reasons, to remove them completely. The question then is how to remove the entire wall at once with or without programs.

    How to remove the entire wall in VKontakte without programs

    Unfortunately, the social network VKontakte does not provide a function to delete all messages on your wall or group wall. This is due to the fact that the administration of the social network believes that such a function will cause great harm to the hacked users' pages, because the attacker will be able to delete all important data with one click and it will be impossible to restore them.

    Therefore, you will have to delete messages on the wall one by one by clicking on the cross in the right corner of the message or using special browser extensions.

    How to delete the entire wall in VKontakte using VkOpt

    In order not to spend a lot of time on deleting each post on the wall, clicking the crosses, you can speed up and optimize this process by downloading a special extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers called VкОpt.

    To download, install and use the V-Opt extension, you must

    1. Go to the browser extension store. (Each browser in the menu has a link to the store, so finding a store is not difficult).
    2. In the search bar for extensions and applications, enter the name of the extension “VкОpt”. The store search will find the extension, and it remains only to click the “Add” button and wait for the extension to load and install.
    3. After installation, the plugin will ask if you can get access to the social network VKontakte. Click "Allow".
    4. Then you need to restart the browser or refresh the VKontakte social network page. You will immediately see a lot of new features that will simplify the management of your page, group, etc.
    5. Click on the number of entries on the wall on the main page of your account. A list of all entries on the wall opens.
    6. Click on the "Actions" tab in the upper right corner of the screen and select "Clear Wall".

    After that, all entries will be deleted, and if you refresh the page, it will be impossible to restore them. It is necessary to carefully treat this function, because even the administration of the social network VKontakte will not be able to return all the data after deletion.

    How to remove the entire wall in VKontakte VkВot

    To remove the entire wall at once using the VkВot program on the social network VKontakte, you need to:

    1. Download and install the program itself with.
    2. Run the installed program and enter your data from the social network account VKontakte.
    3. In the new window, find the “Profile” tab and select the “Cleaning (removal) - Clear the wall” items.
    4. By pressing the confirmation button, you will delete the wall completely and you will not be able to restore the records again.

    To leave some messages, you need to go to the page, delete them, and then delete all entries through the program. After we return to the page and restore the necessary records. In addition, the program has many other useful functions that will be useful for optimizing and speeding up work on the social network VKontakte.

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