• How to remove the extended eyelashes?

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    How to remove the extended eyelashes?

    Thick long eyelashes make the look charming and seductive. Not every girl can boast gorgeous eyelashes from nature. And the owners of beautiful eyelashes strive to look even better.

    Eyelash extensions are a popular low-cost salon service. Increased eyelashes do not need to be painted, with them you feel confident in the heat and in the pool. For extension, artificial polymer hairs are most often used, which are attached with a special hypoallergenic cosmetic glue. The procedure is completely safe for the eyes and eyelashes.

    But, alas, the life of extended eyelashes is short. As the eyelashes to which they are attached grow back and fall out, artificial ones also fall out. "Build eyes" can, on average, be two weeks. Then they begin to fall out and, unevenly thinned, eyelashes look, to put it mildly, not very attractive. This raises the question of how to remove the extended eyelashes.

    Of course, you shouldn’t tear them off, because in this case you will get rid of your own, which will grow back only in a month.If you are not happy with such a prospect, and you do not have the opportunity to visit the salon, then these manipulations can be carried out independently, using several recommendations.

    How to remove eyelash extensions at home

    There are several options for safely getting rid of artificial eyelashes: using a special tool - debonder, vegetable oil or fatty cream.

    • Debonder is a liquid that dissolves some types of glue and resin. In composition, it is similar to those used in salons for this procedure. It is inexpensive and usually suffices for a long time. It all depends on the solubility of the adhesive that was used in the cabin. The better the glue, the easier it is to dissolve it. Buy it better in advance. If you often increase eyelashes, then such a tool - an indispensable thing.
    • Glue for eyelashes also dissolves in fat. Always on hand to have vegetable oil or fat cream. You can use any that is available - olive, sunflower, flaxseed, almond or argan oil. Only in no case with admixtures of essential oils - this will cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the eye.Vegetable oils are also useful for strengthening and growing eyelashes. There is nothing difficult in how to remove the extended eyelashes. Video on the Internet can also be an assistant in this process. Apply oil or cream with a cotton swab, wait until the glue dissolves (20-30 minutes), massage and remove the eyelashes with tweezers.

    You are again ready to build new eyelashes.

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