• How to remove the hatch?

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    How to remove the hatch?

    There are two types of hatches on the roof of the car - non-standard (assembled and crashed into the roof of cars in the workshop) and regular ones (installed in factories during the assembly of the car). Both types of hatches have two main structural elements - a cover and a frame. But, despite the apparent simplicity of the design, the process of self-dismantling the hatch of any kind is not always simple. How to remove the hatch in the roof of cars of different brands, and will be discussed further.

    Why remove the sunroof

    Removing the hatch may be required in order to clean or repair (for example, in case of jamming of the hatch at the opening or violation of the tightness of its landing). In addition, the hatch is sometimes removed during the repair of the ceiling of the car, changing the upholstery, and also in order to replace the manual, mechanical models of the hatches with new, electrically driven ones. Sometimes motorists in the process of tuning cars decide to remove the hatch altogether. How to remove the sunroof, we will explain the example of cars of some brands.

    How to remove the hatch on the car Audi 80

    Having decided to remove the hatch not in the conditions of an auto repair shop, but independently, it should be taken into account that it will be difficult to do it alone. Therefore, you should get an assistant. Dismantling the hatch is done like this:

    1. From the side of the salt, you need to remove the hatch cover.
    2. Raise the hatch in the roof until it stops, unscrew the thrust of the spoilers (elements necessary for redirecting air flow).
    3. First unscrew the bolts holding the spoiler and remove it, and then the bolts that secure the hatch to the body.
    4. Cover the roof of the car with a soft cloth so as not to scratch it in the process of removing the hatch.
    5. Lower the hatch so that its rear part is just below the roof line and unfasten the gearbox.
    6. Raise the front of the hatch outward, and then pull the whole mechanism forward (in the direction of travel).

    How to remove the hatch on the car Mercedes W124

    You must adhere to the following sequence of actions:

    1. From the side of the cabin to remove the casing hatch.
    2. Remove the front ceiling panel with the visors (pull out the groove of the metal strips from the casing).
    3. Unscrew the entire frame together with the hatch and remove it through the cabin.
    4. Make a small cut in the back of the frame to release it from the drive cable.This is done in such a way that when assembling the edges of the frame it is easy to bend. Alternatively, you can detach the cable in the trunk, but this is a much more time consuming procedure.

    You can read about how to dismantle other parts of the car on our website.

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