• How to remove the pallet

    To get started, install your car on a viewing pit, or drive to the overpass. Remove the mud guard. After that, drain the oil from the crankcase of the car engine. For this purpose, prepare in advance a suitable container for draining the oil. It must have a capacity of more than 4 liters. It is best to drain the oil on a well-heated engine. To drain the oil, you must first remove the oil filler cap. After that, use a 12 mm hex wrench to unscrew the plug, which is installed in the drain holepalletand crankcase. Drain all the oil in the prepared container.
    Then loosen the nuts that secure the prop mount to the crossmember. Place a jack under the clutch housing. Lift the car engine through the spacer and remove the support studs from the cross member. Place a thick wooden beam on the front fenders. To him hang the engine on the rope. Using a 10 mm Allen key, loosen the nineteen bolts that securepalletengine crankcase. Remove it from the engine.Notice betweenpalletohm and the engine has a gasket. If traces remain on the joint, be sure to remove them with a knife or other suitable tool.
    Before installationpalletand it needs to be well washed from the inside with kerosene. Install all removed parts in reverse order. Be sure to replace the old gasket.palletbut on a new one. Wrap bolts evenly. Consider the tightening torque. No need to put a lot of effort. Otherwise the flange may be deformed.palletand crankcase.
    Fill the engine oil. Wait 2-3 minutes and remove the dipstick. Pay attention to the oil level. It must be above the minimum, but below the maximum. Install the oil filler cap. Start the engine for a few minutes. Then stop it and check the oil level again. At the installation site of the gasket filter and drain plug should not be leaking.

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