• How to remove the password from the file?

    Alexander Smaznev
    Alexander Smaznev
    May 26, 2015
    How to remove the password from the file?

    Suppose you protected access to a file on your computer using the special function of the Microsoft Office software package or archived this file and protected the entrance to it with any code. But then you noticed that no one is going to look through your documents, and you yourself are tired of counting the invented password countless times. How to remove the password from the file?

    How to remove a password from a file in Microsoft Office

    Consider the situation if you password-protected a file created in one of the programs of the Microsoft Office Suite version 2013. This could be a text document in docx format, an Exel file, or a presentation. You did this through the "Document Protection" function.

    Now to remove the password:

    1. Open the document. Naturally, you will have to enter this password.
    2. Then enter the menu on the toolbar in the "File", and then in the "Details". In some versions of Microsoft Office, the tab will be called not “Details”, but “Prepare”.
    3. Next, click on the "Document Protection" block, and select "Encrypt with a password."
    4. In the window that opens, erase the code, confirm your actions by pressing the "OK" button. The password from the file is removed.

    Removing password from archive

    If you have restricted access to a file or folder, packed it into a archive with code access, then to remove the password you just need to unzip the file. Log into the archive. In this case, the program, of course, will ask you for a password. Then click on "Unzip" and specify the location of the document. The file will appear on your computer without a password, and you can delete the password-protected archive.

    Removing a password is easy if you know it.

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