• How to remove the riding breeches on the hips?

    Women are often in a struggle for their beauty. Someone does not like the skin of the face, but someone has his own figure. Today we will talk about how to remove the breeches.

    No matter the young girl or adult woman, the problem of riding breeches applies to any age. The fact is that everything depends on the type of figure, heredity and, most importantly, on a person�s lifestyle. There is no one definite way for a figure to return to its former forms. All activities need to be done in the complex - it is a diet and regular exercise.

    Nutrition Tips

    Nutritionists first of all give general instructions, because losing weight does not occur in the "right" parts of the body, often losing weight, the woman does not get rid of breeches. But still try not to use sugar in its pure form, write fat, gastronomy, carbonated water. Adhere to the usual fractional food (3-4 meals a small amount). It all depends on your body condition. Diet should be beneficial first and not harm. So just remove the heavy, fatty, spicy foods from your diet.


    How to quickly remove the breeches with the help of massage? If you allow the funds, you can contact a massage therapist. The fact is that massage is very effective for this problem, especially if it is done by a specialist. Massage, as it would help the fat cells of problem areas quickly dissolve. But you just need to do a full course, without missing a single lesson.

    Physical exercises

    How to quickly remove the riding breeches on the hips? The quickest way to cope with it will help work on your body with the help of special physical exercises. There are a sufficient number of exercise complexes today. They can be performed on the floor, you can use the gymnastic ball.

    Here are the most effective exercises that will help get rid of the breeches on the hips.

    Warming up muscles

    Initial position

    You sit, bend the left leg in a knee, put the right one in the �frog� position. Behind you need to lean a little, bending over a little elbows. We transfer carefully the weight of the whole body to the right buttock.

    How to do the exercise?

    Using your hands and body, we make rotational movements on the right buttock, which is on the floor.You need to make at least 25 - 30 rotations in both directions. Change the legs and do the exercise on the other buttock.

    As a result

    You will warm up the muscles of the buttocks and thighs and prepare them for the rest of the exercises.


    Do not hurry, do the exercise until you feel the heat in the gluteus muscles.

    Walking on the priest

    Initial position

    "The position, sitting on the floor, straight legs extended. Arms bent, attached to the sides.

    How to do the exercise?

    Step 10 times forward, pushing alternately the hips and buttocks. So you need to do everything in the opposite direction. Push your hips back.

    As a result

    �You wondered how to remove the riding breeches on your legs?� Is the solution. This exercise eliminates fat deposits on the back of the thighs and buttocks.


    No need to bend your knees. Movement make one thighs. Perform an exercise until burning sensation in the gluteal muscles.

    Knee movement to the floor

    Initial position

    Position, lying on the left side, lean on the elbow of your left hand. Put your right hand in front of you. Bend your left leg slightly. Now raise your right leg straight up.

    How to do the exercise?

    Your right leg is bent, your knee touching the floor in front of you. Straighten the leg to its original position. After this movement, tap the floor with your knee, but behind you. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

    As a result

    Doing this exercise will make your hips strong and elastic.


    You should always touch the floor with your knee. Do not rush to do the exercise. Feel the tension in your thigh muscles.

    Hips Designer

    Initial position

    The position lying on the left side, the left arm is extended. Your right hand is in front of you. Raise your right leg up and gently bend at the knee. Slide the thigh inward, your heel should be above the knee.

    How to do the exercise

    Rotational movement in the direction from itself. All repeat with the second leg.

    As a result

    Fat is very well banished from problem parts of the hips and buttocks.


    All movement to do in a rhythm convenient for you, but not quickly. All you need to do 25 times. When you learn to do exercises, you can increase the number of times performed in each exercise.

    After reading this article, you learned how to quickly and permanently remove the riding breeches.

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