• How to remove the toilet lid?

    Vyacheslav Kim
    Vyacheslav Kim
    May 3, 2015
    How to remove the toilet lid?

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    How to remove the toilet lid?

    Breakdown of the flushing system is the most frequent problem of the sanitary unit of the toilet - the toilet bowl. In this case, the water is either constantly flowing, or vice versa stops flowing. To solve this problem, it will be necessary to replace or repair individual elements of the system that are located in the drain tank.

    Water flushing systems

    Before opening the toilet lid, it is important to pay attention to the water drainage system, so as not to damage its mechanism.

    • the push-button system drains water by pressing a key;
    • rod design involves washing by pulling the rod up;
    • lever mechanism drains water by moving the lever located on the side of the toilet bowl.

    How to remove the toilet lid: instruction

    The toilet bowl having the push-button drain mechanism is most difficult to open, so to remove the lid you will need the following set of tools: a knife, a screwdriver, pliers.

    • First, turn off the water supply valve to the toilet.
    • Turn off the flush button: press your fingers on the bezel around the button and rotate counterclockwise; completely unscrew, loosen the cover with a knife or screwdriver and remove.
    • If after unscrewing the button the lid is not removed, then a double-sided clothespin holds it. In this case, lift the lid and turn it across the barrel, gaining access to the mechanism. We unfasten the latch and remove the cover body.
    • To remove the cover with the rod, it is enough to unscrew the handle at its end, holding the rod with pliers.
    • Lever drain, as a rule, has a lateral arrangement, therefore the top of the tank remains independent and can be removed without problems.

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