• How to remove water meters?

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    How to remove water meters?

    Every three years there is a need to dismantle the water meter to check for its performance or replacement. It is possible to carry out such work independently, having prepared everything in advance. Consider in detail how to remove water meters.

    Dismantling and installation of water meter

    To work on the removal and installation of the water meter, you will need the following tools and materials:

    • pipe wrench;
    • cotton rag;
    • sponge;
    • FUM tape;
    • coarse filter;
    • anti-corrosive liquid;
    • gaskets (silicone, paratin or rubber);
    • adjustable wrench.

    Having prepared everything you need, you can start dismantling works, which consist of the following steps:

    1. The first step is to turn off the water. To do this, tighten the valve located on the inlet pipe. If problems arise with this, then it will be necessary to contact the municipal service with a request to cut off the water supply in the whole house for a few hours.
    2. Take a wrench and use it to unscrew the nuts on the sides of the counter, and then remove it with the filter.
    3. Dampen a rag in an anti-corrosive fluid and treat the pipe threads against plaque. Then leave it all for 30 minutes. After that, moisten the sponge with water and clean the metal surfaces with it.
    4. Next, on the external thread of the pipe on which the counter with all accessories was located earlier, install a coarse filter. In the course of this, pay attention to the filter arrow. It indicates the direction of water flow. It is important to install the filter in accordance with the arrow - the tip of the crane. After that, wrap the connections with a FUM tape.
    5. Take the nozzle that comes with the meter, and fix it to the filter with the union nut.
    6. When replacing the meter it is necessary to put new gaskets. They can be rubber, paratic or silicone. The best is considered the last type of gaskets. Silicone products for a long time retain their elasticity and prevent water leakage. The gaskets are fixed together with the cape with a nut, which also acts as a fastener for the meter, on the assembled structure of fittings. It should be mounted the same way as the filter, in the direction of water movement.
    7. Take a second nozzle with a nut and connect it first to the pipe and then to the meter.After this, be sure to check the reliability of the connections.
    8. At the last stage, you need to make sure that the entire assembled structure is airtight by supplying water for this to the pipes. After that, you can apply to Vodokanal, so that you can seal the new counter.

    Useful tips for removing and installing the meter

    • When it is impossible to unscrew the nuts with a pipe wrench, they should be annealed with gas. But after that, be sure to repack all connections.
    • Always turn the nuts counterclockwise.
    • It is possible to install a water meter only in rooms where the air temperature does not fall below + 5 � C, otherwise it will quickly become unusable.
    • Before installing a new meter, it must be checked in the measurement and control service, as there is often a defect in such devices.
    • Before dismantling and installation work, you need to obtain permission from the water utility controller.

    How to take readings from the water meter?

    To do this, pay attention to the scoreboard. You will see 8 digits, the last 3 of them are red. They show how many liters were consumed - they do not need to be taken into account.You need the remaining 5 digits in black. They show water consumption in cubes. Write them down to testify.

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