• How to reset settings on iPad?

    Sam Gold
    Sam Gold
    July 22, 2014
    How to reset settings on iPad?

    Often, iPad users find themselves in a situation where the tablet settings need to be reset completely to eliminate a given malfunction. Our article will tell you how to do this.

    How to reset the settings on the iPad: instructions

    On the main desktop of your tablet, you can see a shortcut called "Settings." Click on it, and you will find yourself in the settings menu. Next, select the tab (in the left column) "Basic". Now click on the "Reset" option. You will see a list of what can be reset to factory settings.

    Further functions:

    • "Reset all settings" - with a single keystroke, you will return the device to its original appearance and configuration, which was set at the factory;
    • "Delete content and settings" - you can save your tablet from all games, applications and any references to them. All changes and achievements will also be erased;
    • "Reset network settings" - with this option you will delete all previously connected VPNs, and also restart Wi-Fi.All former available networks will have to be reconnected, entering passwords if necessary;
    • "Reset keyboard dictionary" - here you can reset all settings regarding abbreviations and new words that you came up with while using the iPad;
    • "Reset settings" Home "- returns the tablet's desktop to its original appearance, simultaneously removing the shortcuts of all applications, but not the applications themselves;
    • "Reset Placement Alerts" - this option will override all geolocation and privacy settings of your iPad, which will allow you to reset the device to factory settings.

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