• How to return a guy after breaking up?

    July 22, 2014
    How to return a guy after breaking up?

    Relationships begin and end. Well, if they stop by mutual consent, and if not? If a girl suffers, misses, can not think about anything else, except about the former? She cares only one question: how to return the guy after breaking up? Let's find out whether it is possible to do this.

    Is it worth returning?

    First, think about whether to return it. If the universe takes a man away from you, perhaps this is for the best. Maybe you will meet someone more worthy? Think about what drives you: love or a sense of your own insecurity, fear of change, fear of being alone? If you have weighed everything and nevertheless decided to return the guy, then do not allow annoying mistakes.

    We return the guy: what to do and what not to do

    • Create a communication gap after the break. In the first 2 weeks try not to fall into his eyes. No matter how itching your hands, do not call, do not throw love sms. This is the worst thing you can do.Do not strive to go where, as if by chance you can meet him. Men do not like obsessive women. During the pause, he will have time to think, cool. If you do not appear on the horizon, it will arouse curiosity: where are you, what are you doing, maybe you are already dating someone else?
    • Do not be a martyr. Recently I broke up with boyfriend? How to get it back? Certainly do not walk with red eyes from tears, a sad look, do not eat or sleep. Do not be for your boyfriend dumb reproach - it will cause a sense of guilt. From a pathetic woman want to get rid of as soon as possible. Do not lose your dignity, do not try to please him in everything, to fulfill all his whims. This way you will achieve only hostility. Respect yourself first.
    • Watch yourself. Many girls under the influence of stress go screaming and neglected. Do not paint, do not comb hair, wear anything horrible. Do not make such an error.
    • However, one should not be exaggeratedly cheerful, as if nothing had happened. So the guy might think that you do not need him, you feel good without him and only rejoice that you finally got rid of him. Behave naturally, sadness, but without hysteria.
    • Analyze why you broke up.If you want to be with him again, you need to understand the reason to correct mistakes in the future. Was the reason for parting your behavior - quarrels, jealousy, nagging? Think about how to behave differently.
    • How to return a man after breaking up? The answer is simple: to become the girl he fell in love with again. In the initial stages of relationships, we are so romantic, lovely, funny ... And what begins afterwards? Reproaches, "sawing", swearing, nagging. Life and petty quarrels destroy romance. Be again his muse: easy, elegant, fun, and he will be yours again!

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