• How to sculpt a snowman?

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    How to sculpt a snowman?

    Sculpting snow figures is a fascinating activity for both children and adults. And if it turned out to be a good winter day and there is a lot of snow on the street, then it is imperative to take advantage of this and, putting on mittens, to go making snowman. By the way, today it can be done even virtually. Information on this is contained in the article How to make a snowman in Minecraft.

    We start to make a snowman

    Snowmen can be different, it all depends on the fantasy of the one who sculpts them. But the classic snowman consists of three balls placed on each other. Your task is to roll balls of different diameter from the snow and hoist them against each other so thatSnowmanthe design was stable and did not fall apart prematurely.

    Now tell you how to make balls for a snowman. First, you need to make a small dense ball out of the snow, the way you usually play snowballs. To him add new portions of snow as long as he fits in his hands. Then this ball is lowered onto the snow and rolled until it becomes very large. This is the first of the balls and it will serve as the basis for a snowman. It is important to install it smoothly, strengthening it from all sides with snow - for greater stability.

    The second ball, the middle one, is made on the same principle, only smaller. Then - the third, the smallest, which will become the head of a snowman. Also, the snowman will need hands. They can be sculpted from the snow or ordinary dry branches can be used for this purpose.

    Decorating a snowman

    Once the technical part of the work is over, proceed to the creative. A bucket or pan is placed on the head of a snowman, eyes are made - they are painted with paints orSnowmanuse the brought buttons (if there are no buttons, pieces of coal, cones, and simple pebbles will do) and by all means make a nose out of a carrot!

    Your snowman can be special, for this you can use any available tools. He can make a head of old unwanted yarn or put a broom in his hands, and he will look like a kind snow guard guarding your yard. More information can be obtained from the article How to make a snowman ?.

    What may be needed

    Before going to work you need to prepare some necessary snowman accessories, and also to dress properly. After all, the creation of snow figures is a very active exercise and you can easily sweat and then freeze.Therefore, wear warm, but light clothing, and if children are involved in making the snowman, then do not wrap them up - you need freedom of movement in your work.SnowmanDo not be amiss to grab a spare pair of mittens or gloves.

    Taking care of yourself, you can think about the equipment for the snowman. Required:

    • old bucket or pan;
    • paints and brushes;
    • buttons;
    • carrot.

    What is important to know

    For a snowman to be successful, it is important to know a few secrets:

    1. Frosty day - not the best for sculpting. Optimum temperature from -1 to + 1Cabout. Under such weather conditions, the snow gets the necessary stickiness and is well formed into balls;
    2. If you want your snowman to stand as long as possible, give it extra stability. To do this, all three balls must be pierced from top to bottom with a stick;
    3. The final touch will be the processing of a snow sculpture with water from a spray gun. The snowman will be covered with a thin crust of ice that will prevent the snow from falling, even with strong gusts of wind.

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