• How to send a gift Vkontakte?

    Oksana Logunova
    Oksana Logunova
    April 24, 2013
    How to send a gift Vkontakte?

    The network in contact is quite popular and a huge number of users are registered in it. Online, you can easily find "old" friends and make friends with new friends. Users communicate on all sorts of topics and share their thoughts with each other. Playing various games in the contact you can get a great rating that will allow you to please your friends by sending them nice virtual gifts. Consider how to send a gift Vkontakte.

    Send a gift to a friend

    It is quite simple to send a gift to a friend. For this you need:

    • Go to a friend's page.
    • Click on the link "send a gift."
    • On the page that opens, various gifts will appear. You can choose any of them, but you must pay for it the cost, which is usually expressed in votes, which are considered to be a universal currency.
    • There are several ways to get votes: through a mobile phone, using a bank card or a payment system, through terminals.You can also go to the "Special Offers" section and get free votes by playing games.

    Free gift sending

    In contact, you can send gifts to friends for free. Consider how to send a gift Vkontakte for free. To do this, you need to download a free program that will allow you to make cool gifts. By inviting your friends, you will receive extra points to your rating, which means you can make more refined gifts. In contact, the game "crocodile" distributes free gifts. For this you need:

    • Add user "crocodile" to your friends.
    • In the status you need to mention the game.
    • After the crocodile checks your status, you will receive a gift.

    Send a gift to yourself

    Many users are interested in how to send a gift to yourself Vkontakte. Such methods exist:

    • You can create a second account and add to friends your first account. And give gifts to yourself.
    • You need to know your id and insert it into the link. Go to your wall and copy the numbers in the address bar. These numbers you will see after the inscription: vk.com/wall.
    • Insert these numbers by going to http: //vk.cоm/gifts.php? To = XXXXXX.
    • Choose a gift and see your name in the recipient field.

    Anonymous gift sending

    Consider how to send a gift Vkontakte anonymously. To make an anonymous gift you need to click on the gift block in your profile, and to make it anonymous, press the button “Send a gift” in the profile of the user to whom this gift is scrolled. In the page that opens, select the appropriate setting.

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