• How to send money to Kazakhstan

    One of the most accessible services providing money transfer services is Contact. Its main advantages are high speed of delivery and low commission for services. First of all, make sure that the representation of this service is present in the city in which the recipient of funds is located. Go to the address of the service and select the link "Where to get" in the menu on the left. Choose from the list of countries "Kazakhstan" and find the name of the settlement. Select a branch, then rewrite its short code.
    Click on the link "Where to send" in the menu on the left and select the country in which you are located, and then the city. You will see a list of service departments. Choose one of them and call to clarify the work schedule - often they do not coincide with those indicated on the site.
    To send a payment, take the passport, the amount to send, and the amount to pay the commission.You can calculate it by clicking on the “Money Transfer” link. Give the operator a passport and the number of the department to which you plan to send money, then carefully check the received papers. They must contain the name of the recipient, the date the payment was sent, as well as the number and amount of the transaction. All these data you will need to later transfer to the recipient. In case everything is correct, sign and pay for the transfer at the checkout.
    The Contact payment system also supports crediting to a bank account. For this you will need the bank details in which the recipient has a card, as well as his account number. Request the service Contact-account from the operator, then provide him with this information. Please note that for this operation you will need to present a passport. With detailed rates for this service you can find on the company's website. Enrollment will occur in the period from 24 to 48 hours.

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