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    How to set an alarm on iphone

    As you know, a person who has been continuously working for a long time during the day, after 17 hours, falls into a state of drowsiness and confusion, like mild alcoholic intoxication only without a feeling of euphoria. The best solution in this case is to go to bed. However, the internal alarm clock is not always able to wake us up on time. In this case, the phone will come to the rescue, in which you can set the timer for the right time. By following the steps below, you can easily set the alarm on your iphone, and never be late for work or a meeting.


    How to set an alarm on iphone



    Step one. Launch the Clock application. In the program window, click on the alarm icon (“Alarm”) at the bottom of the screen.


    Step two. To set the alarm on the iphone, tap the “+” icon in the right corner of the top of the screen.


    Step Three. To make the alarm repeat the signal with a certain frequency, you can set the desired period by clicking on the “Repeat” icon.You can choose a full week, as well as individual days. To return to the main window of the program, click "Back".


    Step Four. To change the standard ring tone, click the “Sound” button. You can choose the sound from the set suggested by the manufacturer, or create your own ringtone by downloading your favorite melody via iTunes.


    Step Five. Of course, we all want after waking up to the alarm sound a little more nap. Especially for this, the program has a “Snooze” function - activate it by moving the corresponding switch to the “On” position and the alarm will repeat the signal several minutes after the specified time.


    Step Six. You can give a name to the created alarm clock by clicking on the “Name” button (“Label”). A little advice: create one signal specifically for working days, setting the days from Monday to Friday, and the second for the weekend to sleep on Saturday and Sunday a little longer, and at the same time have time to do all the planned activities.


    Step Seven. In the end, set the most important parameter - the exact time of the alarm. Since the time is displayed in 12-hour mode, in order not to accidentally set the signal to 7 pm instead of 7 am, check the position of the Am / Pm switch. Am is morning, pm is evening.


    Step Eight. To save all settings and changes, click the “Save” button in the upper right corner of the screen. The program will return to the main screen with a list of all created alarms. Understood how to set the alarm on the iPhone? We hope our article has benefited you.

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