• How to set the diaphragm?

    In photography, as in any business, has its foundations, without knowing which, you cannot learn how to make beautiful and high-quality pictures. One of them is understanding the exposure of the frame (a certain amount of light). Exposure and aperture allow you to dispense the light flux, in addition, make it possible to take highly artistic pictures. From the materials of this article you will learn how to set the aperture and shutter speed.


    Aperture is essential for a variety of effects in the picture. The diaphragm is a device that is located inside the lens and allows you to stepwise and smoothly change the hole through which light enters the matrix (film). If you know how to set the aperture, you can correctly increase or decrease the amount of light that passes through the lens. If we compare the diaphragm with the eye, then it acts as a pupil. A small stream of light - the pupil expands, a large - narrows.

    There is an important statement - the greater the amount of light passing through the lens (the aperture is open), the smaller the depth of field of the image will be, that is, the volume of the sharp image on the frame will be less.Decreasing the hole (the diaphragm closes, the pupil narrows) the depth of field increases. This is important in case it is necessary to clearly state the details, for example, during macro photography.

    But a great depth of field is not always helpful. For example, creating portraits, it is better to use a shallow depth of field, that is, the aperture should be open.

    Depth of field depends not only on the aperture values, but also on the properties of the lens itself. Wide-angle lenses have a fairly large depth of field, and with telephoto lenses it can be very small - only at the focusing point. Hence, the choice of the desired aperture values ​​is most important for telephoto lenses.

    Most modern cameras are equipped with Av shooting mode - aperture priority. In this case, the camera can automatically set the desired shutter speed for the selected aperture value. This mode is good for creating portraits on a blurred background, and for images with great depth of field.


    To obtain the correct exposure of the picture, knowledge of how to set the aperture correctly is not enough. One of the basic values ​​for obtaining a high-quality frame is the value of the exposure. Exposure is the time of exposure of the light flux to the film.So, the more exposure, the greater the amount of light has time to get on the film. When shooting a fast-moving subject, the shutter speed should be as low as possible. Then you can get a sharp shot of the object.

    Sometimes, on the contrary, long exposure when shooting fast-moving objects can have an interesting effect. For example, when shooting a night road or a square filled with people.

    For a sharp shot with hands, the shutter speed should be a maximum of 1/30 of a second. A longer shutter speed, due to hand vibration, results in blurring of the image. If the illumination is insufficient and the flash and the tripod are not used, then in order to get a good result, the exposure value comes to the fore.

    Some modern cameras have a Tv priority exposure mode. In this case, the camera can automatically set the correct aperture value relative to the selected shutter speed. This mode is more suitable for shooting dynamic scenes, as well as for shooting at long exposures.

    Fully automatic mode "Sport" is designed for shooting fast-moving objects.But it is desirable, nevertheless, to use the Tv mode, this will allow a better understanding of the shooting technique. Full auto mode (P) with sufficient light will set the average aperture and shutter speed, which is not always good for creative photography.

    If you want your pictures to be beautiful and of high quality, learn how to correctly understand the frame exposure and use all the possibilities for that. This article told about two of them and taught how to set the aperture and shutter speed.

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