• How to set up Asus netbook

    OS installation

    Depending on where and under what conditions you purchased a netbook, either one or another operating system will either be installed on it or not. If your computer is not equipped with an OS, then you will need to install it yourself. To do this, you need to create a bootable flash drive with the operating system, because there is no drive on the netbook. This procedure can be carried out using programs for recording information on disks or in image files. One of these programs is the UltraISO program. Create a bootable flash drive, insert it into the USB-port and turn on the netbook. Set in the BIOS settings the boot priority from the flash drive, not from the hard disk. After the reboot, the OS installation will begin, the installation wizard will help you complete this procedure.

    Driver installation

    Setting up any computer begins with the installation of all necessary drivers. In order to understand which devices on the netbook require installation, open “My Computer” in the “Start” menu and click on the “System Properties” button. In the left part of the window, click on the item "Device Manager".A window will appear displaying all the connected devices of the netbook. The list items highlighted in yellow are hardware for which drivers are not available on the netbook. In order to install them, you must first download all driver packages using the Internet or use the driver disk, if one is available. Today, almost all manufacturers of netbooks unload drivers of the goods they produce on their official website. This also applies to Asus. Go to the company's website and go to the "Support" section, download all the necessary drivers. Next, go back to the "Device Manager", select the item that requires installation, and click the right mouse button. In the context menu that opens, click on "Install Driver". Next, the installation wizard will appear, in which you will need to select the source for installing the driver, after which the driver will be installed automatically.

    Software installation

    There is a set of applications that almost every computer user needs. These include archivers, text-editing programs, book-reading programs, burners, Internet browsers, etc.First of all, you should immediately install the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser to optimize your browsing experience on the Internet. Further, to install each of the programs you need to download the installation files. Among the above programs, there are a large number of free. Among the archivers, the free program is 7Zip, among the text editing programs is Open Office, and Adobe Reader and DJVU Reader will help you to read books.

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