• How to set up a Wi-Fi beeline?

    There are many providers that provide Internet services at home. One of these companies today is the mobile and Internet provider Beeline, which provides wide-format Internet services via high-speed cable in your home.

    Very often, people also take a router to create a Wi-Fi network at home, but they face the problem of connection.

    How to configure the Wi-Fi Beeline router will be described below.

    How to set up a Wi-Fi Beeline router

    Setting up the router is not significantly different from the standard setting of a regular router. To connect the Beeline wireless network through a router, you need to do a number of actions:

    1. Connect the Internet cable from Beeline to the router to the WAN (INTERNET) socket. Under each entrance to the router you can find the name of the socket, so the connection is not difficult.
    2. Then use a special patch cord to connect the router to the computer. To do this, plug one side of the wire into the LAN port of the router, and the other side into the same input on the computer where the network card is located.It doesn't matter which of the several ports on the router to plug the wire in, because they all work the same way.
    3. Do not forget to connect the router to the power supply so that it turns on. It may take a minute or two to fully activate it. Wait for this time, and then go to any browser on your computer.
    4. Enter the ip-address of your router in the address bar of the browser. This address can be easily found in the documentation for the router. There are also tips on how to configure it. Also, the address can be written on the router itself, on the reverse side.
    5. The router program window will open, where you need to enter a login and password. If you are setting up the first time, then the username and password will default to the word “admin”, but to make sure you should look into the documentation of the router, where the login and password are written.
    6. After entering the settings window of the router, go to the “Network Settings” section.
    7. Set the following parameters. Connection Type: L2TP or PPTP. Server address or access point: “tp.internet.beeline.ru” for the first connection type or “vpn.internet.beeline.ru” for the second connection type. All these data can also be found in the documentation of Beeline. There is also a brief instruction on how to configure the Internet.
    8. We save the parameters, then you can also change the password and login to enter the settings of the router, as well as the login and password of the network itself. This will protect against third-party hacking and the use of your wireless network.
    9. Save all settings, reboot the router and computer. Now the wireless Wi-Fi network should be available for all devices.

    In this way, you can configure any router, but if you have a router from Beeline or one of the models supported by the Avtorauter program, you can simplify the task.

    How to set up a router using "Autorouter"

    Having a router from Beeline or another one that is in the list of supported on the site, you can use the service of the program “Autorouter”, which can be found at.

    Having installed the program and running it, you just need to wait until it sets up your router. However, the program only supports a limited list of router models. If your router is not in the list, then the program will not work.

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