• How to sew tights?

    Natalya Safonova
    Natalya Safonova
    October 28, 2014
    How to sew tights?

    Sometimes it is difficult to choose tights for a particular ensemble. If you don’t find ready-made tights of the desired color for sale, you have to sew them yourself. Consider how to sew tights in stages.

    To work will require:

    • sheet of paper to build patterns
    • tape measure
    • jersey, lycra, etc. (i.e. sufficiently elastic fabrics)
    • thread to match
    • scissors
    • pen, tailor's chalk
    • needles pins
    • sewing machine

    Pattern building

    In order to build a pattern, you can use the pantyhose that is perfectly placed on you. We put one pantyhose in another, put it on a piece of paper and draw around it. Do not forget to add 0.5-1 cm for the seams. Add a couple of centimeters and the top so that you can make a drawstring to insert the gum. Cut the resulting pattern.

    Cutting out parts

    We fold the cut of the fabric in half so that the outside is on the wrong side, and, having applied the pattern, we outline it around the edge. Then repeat the same with the second pantyhose.


    Initially, it is better to perform the middle seam. Align the tops of the prepared halves, pin them together and sew either by hand or with a machine. If you sew on a sewing machine, do not forget to choose the length of the seam and the corresponding needle for elastic fabric. Often on sewing machines there are special seams for elastic fabrics. Of course, working with this type of fabric requires a certain skill and lack of haste.

    Next, perform the seams on the inner sides of the tights. Tuck the top of the pantyhose and sew, having previously turned the edge. Measure the length of your waistline gum and paste it into the resulting drawstring.

    Stockings tights

    You can also sew tights of two pairs of suitable stockings. In this case, from one stocking pair form the top of tights, cutting off excess, and then sew the remaining stockings.

    You can also sew to the stockings matching the color of the panties.

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