• How to sheathe walls with PVC clapboard

    As a finishing material for the walls, many prefer to use clapboard - this is beautiful, and during installation is not particularly difficult. Such finishing material can be wooden or plastic. Installation of panels from PVC and wood will almost not differ.
    Lining can be put in different ways: it can be a horizontal or vertical arrangement. The material is attached to the wall using special finishing profiles, which allow joining at the level of the ceiling and the floor, around door or window openings, to carry out decorative decoration of the premises.

    Plating methods

    It is possible to sheathe a wall with clapboard either using a frame of bars or without them.
    Method using bars
    With the help of a marking cord on the wall, the location for each of the bars should be marked. The distance between them is from 40 to 60 cm. Gaps should be provided between the bars in order to ensure air circulation.To obtain a flat surface it is recommended to use beacons. Bars should be attached around the perimeter - around the windows and doors, in addition, they should be in the locations of each of the finishing profiles.
    Method of fixing lining without bars
    If the wall material allows, clapboard cladding can be performed without using bars. In this case, the wall panel can be glued to the wall or attached with screws, brackets. Each subsequent strip of lining is inserted into the groove of the previous one, after which it is reinforced in the chosen manner. The resulting gap can be filled with silicone. It also looks neater, and moisture can not penetrate the casing. This is quite important if the finish is made, for example, in the bathroom.When using staples or screws, check that the wall is flat, dry and strong enough. If the panels are glued, the wall will need to be degreased.

    How to carry trim

    First you should cut the clapboard, measuring the plates of the required length, check the straight angle of the basting. Finishing profiles are cut off with observance of a certain length, baseboards, platbands, ceiling and corner profiles.The profiles are fixed base.
    When performing lining with bars, the paneling should be fixed with screws. Screws should be used with flat caps, diameter - 4 cm. In the case of fastening with brackets, fasteners with a minimum size of 12 mm should be used.For gluing it is better to choose a thick neoprene glue.
    It is very easy to take care of the PVC wall paneling - it tolerates cleaning with the use of household chemicals.

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