• Singing is a truly complex art, the mastery of which requires, above all, patience and serious work on oneself. In order to learn how to sing it takes more than one year. First, the student is taught to control his face muscles, then his breathing and abdominal muscles, after which he learns how to pronounce words and create sounds correctly, and only after all this a voice is put that you can try to sing. Today, we will talk about singing. So:

    How to sing?

    In any case, we need to fulfill the purpose of the article, and still try to give some advice on the correct singing. Well, let's try.

    The very first thing in good and proper singing is sensations throughout the body. To the sound freely, without obstacles out of his mouth, you need to take a comfortable position. Weight should be distributed exactly relative to two legs. Try not to overwhelm your body weight on one of its sides, as this will interfere with the work of the diaphragm and the muscles of the lungs.

    The head is not raised up, does not look down. The head looks straight, while the chin is slightly raised. The shoulders are relaxed and do not rise.This is very important, as raised shoulders will not let you breathe fully. Full breathing is the determining factor for correct singing.

    Your body should be in good shape, but not clamped. But you should not be completely relaxed. Try to feel that some dynamic charge is flowing through you, ready to come out of you through your voice. This will help to sing properly. Belly tucked up. No need to relax the belly - this is your energy center.

    Perhaps we go to the breath. Try breathing as follows. Inhale with the nose, exhale with the mouth. Conversely, inhale with your mouth and exhale with your nose. This exercise is especially useful before the beginning of singing, as the air jet passing through the throat massages the ligaments. Breathing in singing should be complete, but not excessive. Do not breathe air to the extent that there is no space left in the lungs. It is necessary to inhale so completely, until the shoulders begin to rise.

    Now let's break the breath out. Exhalation is the most important part of the sound production process. The exhalation should be smooth and gradual. Try to exhale as long as possible. This exercise will help you achieve peace of mind in singing. Make sure that the air stream is not interrupted.A very good exercise is to blow a burning candle in such a way that it does not go out. When you come to the end of exhalation, you need to push the remaining air to the upper abdominal muscles. This can be easily done by simply pulling the belly into it.

    If you learn to breathe in this way, you will quickly achieve impressive results in the right singing. Using this breathing method, try singing a melody. For the experiment, sing it all on one note that is convenient for you. This will help determine what range of singing you are capable of.

    How to sing notes?

    In addition to proper breathing, it is also necessary to correctly hear and play musical sounds, that is, notes. This ability to train is much more difficult than the ability to breathe correctly and produce sound.

    The first thing a novice vocalist will face is a feeling of embarrassment from his voice. With proper singing, we pay a lot of attention to how our voice sounds. During the conversation, attention is not paid. Therefore, when the vocalist is just starting to sing, he can get used to hearing himself in several sessions. It needs to be able to do. You need to be able to hear yourself.

    There are 7 basic notes.Everyone knows this from school. Do, re, mi, fa, salt, la, si. In the simplest sense, “before” is the lowest note in sound, and “si” is the highest. This knowledge will be useful to you when working with a teacher. It is unlikely that you will cope with the development of proper intonation of notes. Unless you have perfect hearing. It happens. Ordinary people can often hear musical sounds perfectly. But the main difficulty is to make your whole body, and in particular, the vocal apparatus, sound in the right note. This will help you only a good teacher and a car of your time and patience.

    Good luck, dear reader.

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