• How do you spell less?

    Anna Kazakova
    Anna Kazakova
    December 6, 2012
    How do you spell less?

    Writing adverbs is often difficult even for adults and literate people. To accurately determine how to spell less, recall simple school rules. This word belongs to the category of adverbs, formed by combining the base "less" and the prefix "to." And adverbs thus formed in accordance with the rules of the Russian language are written together. For example: dry, clean. Or, as in our case, “smaller”.

    Adverbs are written in the same way, formed by merging prefixes and nouns (ford), prefixes and pronouns (draws), prefixes and adverbs (easily), as well as prefixes in both - and collective numbers (two). However, from the latter there are exceptions: two by two, three each.

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